On the Edge of Mordor, Hawaii

BEST VIEWED LARGE - You should be able to see the subtle intricate details in the Lava as well as the highlights.

We were incredible lucky to have wandered to the Edge of Mordor and back on Big Island of Hawaii. The lave has just started going into the ocean two days before we arrived and on our second visit an inflation cycle in the Volcano cause more than normal lava flow into the ocean. I wanted to capture the essence of what it was like when photographing the lava at Twilight.

How was this image created?
This is an manually blended image using our iHDR manual blending workflow. The sea floor and steam is lit by the light from the lava stream. While the sky is showing of the last glow from the setting sun. One of the biggest challenges was to dealing with the thermals caused by the heat around the lava streams. Camera's auto focus has a hard time getting an accurate focus in those thermal areas. Second challenge was extreme dynamic range: Water reflected lot of light, while the textured dark cliffs reflected very little light. 

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