A Date Under the Stars, Arches National Park, Utah
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Have you wonder what it is like for a husband and wife photographer landscape photographer team? For us, it is like being on a date WITHOUT STINKY NEEDY NOISY KIDS. We arrived at this location well before the sun down and scouted it out. After joking around the few stragglers we quickly found ourself alone for the evening. We set up our shots and laid down next to each other - we shared new photography ideas, exotic location we would love to visit, counted the number of meteors, watched some guy trying to light paint the windows half a mile away, shared some chocolates, laughed at all the stupid things the kids have done over the years...all the while listening to cameras clicking away taking photos of the star trails. Nothing can beat spending some great time with your wife and best friend in the wilderness!!

Dont you agree +Varina Patel?

How was this photograph created?
The light on the arch is natural...I took the photo long after the sun had gone down. The star trails are result of Eighty Five 30 sec shots. The shots were very easy to combine using a Photoshop action (it took me less than 10 minutes). I blended the star trails shot with the arches shot using layers and mask. During the entire sequence the camera remained in the same position.

Enjoy & Share.
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