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A Date Under the Stars, Arches National Park, Utah
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Have you wonder what it is like for a husband and wife photographer landscape photographer team? For us, it is like being on a date WITHOUT STINKY NEEDY NOISY KIDS. We arrived at this location well before the sun down and scouted it out. After joking around the few stragglers we quickly found ourself alone for the evening. We set up our shots and laid down next to each other - we shared new photography ideas, exotic location we would love to visit, counted the number of meteors, watched some guy trying to light paint the windows half a mile away, shared some chocolates, laughed at all the stupid things the kids have done over the years...all the while listening to cameras clicking away taking photos of the star trails. Nothing can beat spending some great time with your wife and best friend in the wilderness!!

Dont you agree +Varina Patel?

How was this photograph created?
The light on the arch is natural...I took the photo long after the sun had gone down. The star trails are result of Eighty Five 30 sec shots. The shots were very easy to combine using a Photoshop action (it took me less than 10 minutes). I blended the star trails shot with the arches shot using layers and mask. During the entire sequence the camera remained in the same position.

Enjoy & Share.
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Nice one Jay! That was one of favorite areas to shoot.
Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing how this photo was created. It's amazing.
It doesn't get much better than that, @Jay Patel! Our date nights are awesome. ;)
Good story and nice explanation of how the shot was made. Thanks!
+Ralph Mendoza The star trails shots are pretty easy to create. What is key to balance the foreground luminosity so that the shots look natural.
great capture Jay, nicely exposed arch against the sky!
It's so wonderful the both of you love what you do and on top of that, you get to spend time with each other!! As always thank you so much for always taking the time to share about the photos you take!!
+TJ Biggs Yep...It was great. We can see ocassional meteor go by and about quarter mile away someone was running around trying to light paint the window arches.
Love it!!! Absolutly amazing!!!!! ☮B with U
good for you guys nice photo keep the good work
Wonderful picture. I love that place and I camped there when I went to College at Ft Lewis in Durango. It was a class! breathtaking place and you do it justice thanks
Khush N
thanks for the write up and the beautiful images. Now I have something to aspire to. I wish someday I can take a pic that is a fraction of what you do.
What a gorgeous picture with an even better story to go with it :) Well done!
Nice work
Thanks for sharing your steps to create this image.
Wow, amazing nature and beauty to make a creative photo. Its so nice to find an wonderful moment to capture. A simple word to describe this photo is Beautiful
very nice
A majority of children don't like the "STINKY NEEDY NOISY KIDS" part. Nice picture, though.
Great result! Love the framing of the arch. It gets primacy over the trails, which is unusual in this type of photography as far as my limited knowledge goes. Also give me the feeling that it is a creature looking up at the sky!
+Jess Clark The light was completely natural....Not artificial light was used.
excellent mind blowing wt beautiful collection of pic.
U have a lot of beautiful,great and nice photos.
superbe picture. And a Question. Most of des DSLR make a dark frame after a long time shot. This can be as long als the shot itself. This makes another 30 seconds. Can you shut off the dark frame on your camera or how are you handling this porblem? Thank for a hint.
+Benedikt Meier You have to shut off the dark frame noise reduction before taking a photo like this...otherwise there will be gaps in the star trails.
what's so interesting is that by daylight that arch from underneath has much less iron-oxide orange and more of a black and white feel that almost makes one think of the underside of a zebra or horse....
Jor Mor
Gran foto en un paraje increible.
Nyt K
Whoa..that real?
Food to my soul.....thank you...
Sir.. how do you get star trails with 17mm and 30 sec expsoure??? Is some kind of stacking, etc. used in this shot???
+Vinod Shankar Yes...Stacking is needed. We use an automated stacking routine to process this shot. 
Really stunning. Love the texture of the rock.
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