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Landscape Photography Gallery: Composing with Repeating Patterns - #albumtheme

It seems that nature PREFERS repetition because repeating patters are found in almost every part of nature - from drying mud in canyons of Utah, to cloud formations over beaches in Florida, to waves on shores of Hawaii, to mountains in Glacier National Park, to dunes in Death Valley, to the plants growing in Smoky Mountains...even falling water arranges itself in repeating patterns before it hits the ground.

With so many variety of repeating patterns found in nature it is natural that our brains are wired to respond to these repeating patterns....and a good idea to use them in your compositions. :-)))

This week's Album theme is repeating patterns...I have arranged first 15-20 images in my gallery to showcases repeating patterns in nature.

Enjoy & Share.
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A truly beautiful composition of the the shot and results. +++
Beautifully composed selection for this week :D
Thanks for sharing.
Amazing images, +Jay Patel. Thank you for sharing them!
I'm still looking at the one called "Distortions", trying to figure it out... looks like an optical illusion.
Stunning does not properly capture the beauty of these pictures and the talented eye behind their visualization!
Gorgeous photographs, Jay. I love the abstract quality and the extraordinary display of colour. They really hit you in the eye!
hey dorotea that's not a word...
Really wonderfully done!! Great exposures and compositions
Im in awe with these beautiful photos, they r straight screen saver pix. Thanx 4 sharing.
Seriously - how can I make these my desktop backgrounds! So beautiful.... ^_^
Absolutely beautiful, just love them.
Can we perhaps say there is a designer after all? BTW, I remember having read the first 90 pages of a book called Ubiquity which talks about patterns and fractals....
superb collections.. fantastic and very nice. i loved it.........
The self-organising nature of the Universe hides the most beautiful from us.

Thanks for revealing some to us :-D
same objects located in same place, why wouldn't they be repeated? >.>
You tell Natures story well, thanks for sharing!
Nice variety! Each one is beautiful, of course.
I knew there were sequins to patterns in nature, but never connected the repeating patterns in nature to mathematics. Thanks for this nice awareness. The photos are beautiful.
Masha Allah...Allah is the most Beautiful...because someone so beautiful can make something like this...
Each one of it is breathtaking & amazing!!
repeat painting.....placed like nature
Amazing photography. Beautiful patterns.
I love patterns. You're right - they are a great guide to composition. Very nice work.
keep up the goodwork, pictures are amazing!
Repeating patterns in nature.... could it be a sign that we're in the Matrix, and the limitations of storage capacity require patterns to save space and processing power?
All the pictures are fantastically beautiful and marvelous. Are all the colours in reality the same as shown in the pictures?;-)
I usually don't comment on these albums, I just enjoy them. But I had to say something here. This album is full of "wow" factor pictures. Absolutely beautiful and incredible composition, and eye for a unique look at some of the many creations in this world. You really captured a diversity too. I would love to know where each of the photos was taken, if you get a chance to add that at some point. Amazing job. keep taking pictures!
It's the place for viewing the sunset!
This might not, however, and frequently is provably not a linear repeatability, instead following Chaos Mathematics in reality.
how the nature will be......... really fantastic............
They say the brain creates habits, so that it can perform a task with a minimal energy outlay. I wonder if that's also why nature loves repetition so much?
Wow love the Pictures I am a big fan of landscaping Photos
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So Beautiful picture, Thank U.
Stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these.
I'm an earth science major @ MIT. We have a class that talks about the math and physics of how these kinds of repeating phenomena in natural landscapes arise! :-D
+Brandon Russ Take a look at the upper left corner in the photo viewer...In most photos, I have add a location of where the photos were taken. Thanks for the comments.
AJ Tyne
Beautiful and thought-provoking!
Nature PREFERS repeating patterns? Does this logic also apply to snowflakes?

Socratic method FTW!
Very beautiful portfolio of images, +Jay Patel. And thanks so much for featuring my work on your site. That means a lot to me!
It's called Sacred Geometry
Undoubtedly some of the best photoraphs I have ever seen. Your work is simply stunning.
Wow . . . this is called god giftet talent
Breath-taking!! :)
EPIC PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!! I'm like, a tree hugger and those photos are just EPIC!!!
You are describing fractals. Pixar uses these repeating patterns to create realistic moving leaves, on a tree. Life happens at the edge of these repeating patterns.
WOW! One of the most beautiful pictures/compositions/colors I've ever seen Jay!
OMG!!!!!!!! I love when mud is like that after it rains, me n my friends try to pick them up out of the ground without breaking them and throwing them in the road like a rock bomb
Great shot+beautiful scenery - great album
beauty of nature, amazing, subhanallah...
Jay, how come u r always at the right place at the right time???
WOW! thanks for your sharing!
aliza I
they're soooooooooo freakin cool
This reminds me - Did they ever find James Franco?
There, actually, is a math to this published by Benoit Mandelbrot in "The Fractal Geometry of Nature," 1975, which is now a classic of the chaos theory.
wow sir...great job......
Re:colours - In my opinion, it is important to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes one cloud can change a picture.
Me encanta... magnifica fotografía!!
i really love the cracked formations in the mud. Beautifully exposed too. Great work +Jay Patel
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