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Gone Fishing, Yoho National Park, Canada
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Here is one for +Karin Nelson....I have two very busy weeks coming up but to be honest, I would rather be Gone Fishing Photographing on Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park...Wouldnt you like to be at Emerald Lake? ;))

How was this photograph created?
Simple...point and shoot. Unlike yesterday's post all I had to do to get this photo was just walk out of my car, point the camera at the lake and shoot. I did use a circular polariser to bring out the colors in the lake and the approaching storm.

About 30 minutes after I took the photograph, we got caught in the storm with tree falling all around us on the far side of the lake....We had to run back to the car and avoid getting hit by falling trees. ;)))

Enjoy & Share.
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What a lovely place! Great portrayal.
This is divine! Very very beautiful!!
+Stephen Pierzchala Needless to say I am jealous of anyone living in such beautiful location...I love the area. We were there for only a short time, but we will return again to explore the area in more detail....Nice shot. I have one from that side as well.
Welcome to Canada +Jay Patel You are not so far from the Kootenay's (in the BC rockies) where I'm from and we cover in our magazines. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the great shots. Should you find yourself anywhere near Cranbrook look me up.
Wow, what a beautiful scene. Love that water. How peaceful.
Great snap. Looks peaceful.
Sign me up. I'd rather be there right now too. Fishing, photographing, don't matter. Beautiful, +Jay Patel. :)
Yes ..I wish i was at Emerald lake!! Beautiful...Great shot!!
nature at its best
+Jerry Bowley Nice photos.

+Kerry Shellborn Will do....We spend a week in Candian Rockies with our good friends (Darwin Wiggett...His books are for sale in all Canadian Rockies National Park).
The color of that lake is amazing.
Did you 'catch' any fish? Any good ones? I hope you released if you did!
J Crut
love the pic..
heaven...? so nicee..
J Crut
like the view...
this is too beautiful... i want to be there
hay guys and gals how ya doin agree with jacqueline crutcher
I caught my first fish there when I was 4 !
That's just a few hours west of here :)
Lee sm
wow wish I am there
you shore this is loch ness
Its a beautiful pic!!! I'd love to be right now. The feeling of TRANQUILITY:)
Emerald Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever is such a magical place
Quien pudiera verlo es tos paisage
its sooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty
its like for a honeymoon or something
It looks like a landscape out of a dream, but could become a nightmare?
Amazing shot... Great work.. I love this part of the country
Looks very beautiful.
I'm headed to Alberta in 2 weeks +Jay Patel. Looking forward to the beautiful scenery and wildlife. 
awe inspiring and breathtaking
awesome... Very beautiful image...
Quisiera estar en ese lugar justo en este instante!
Beautiful shot!!! 
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