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Strike the Pose, Everglades National Park, FL
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This multicolored heron was in perfect position holding very still to catch his food, when an wandering alligator disturbed is concentration and scared the fish away. I never did get to see him catch his fish.

How was this image created?
The usual blue colors you see in this image is all natural....and NOT caused by a polarizer or photoshop. So how did the water turn so blue? All the light reflecting on the water was bounced away from me...why? Because I took this shot early in the morning when the angle of the sun was low and the light was very directional. So, the only thing I could see on the water was reflection of clear blue skies. Additionally to expose the subject properly, the parts of the image that were in shade (along with the reflections on the water) were under exposed. This gave the water a deep rich blue color.

I was standing on a bank that prevented the light from reaching the heron's feet for at least another 10-20 minutes.

Enjoy & Share after all it is #WildlifeWednesday
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Great shot and thanks as always for the tips!
Was this natural lighting +Jay Patel? Sorry Jay just read the rest of the post.....
Love the shot +Jay Patel , great information in the tip, and a good eye for catching the heron in that directional sunlight.
Fantastic.... the bird stands out so well against the rich blue ...
Jay, your pictures are fantastic! I assume you are doing post processing with HDR or filters. My desire will be to get to a point where I am shooting pictures at a scale of 1 against your 10+.
+Richard Kanehl It is simpler than you expect. For example, this photographer required no HDR, but I had to blend in a different exposure for small portion of the bright beak (nothing you would have notice on a thumbnail this size)....Other than small portion the photo is right of the camera (no filters needed).

You can learn about it using our Ebooks at:

or read about how we take photos here:
Wow...I was sitting here scratching my head, trying to figure out how you lit the heron? At first it looked like you'd used a snoot or a small reflector but I quickly dismissed any event, another great shot!
hi...Jay......I miss you for visiting Indonesia....aspecially Irian Jaya Island......many new species of animal to be found......If you want to get amazing shoot.... great...these picts are vey beautyful....i like them so much
Like lots of other people, my first response is "Wow." The blue of that water is absolutely incredible.
beautiful bird, excellent background. and thanks for explaing how you got it - I think I might have taken the polariser out here...
Super shot and a little different to your usual landscape shots!
This is really nice, thanks for the details...
+Michael Riffle I have several shot of different birds with this deep blue water..and stunning light on the birds. Once you know how to do is a piece of cake. :-)))
Thank everyone for the comment on this photograph.
How possible to get so nice light- like indoor studio!
que tranquilidad y sosiego dan tus fotografias Genial!
how much post processing work did you do? It is awesome but it looks like the bird had a spot light on it is that real?
Yeh, Do u tell me, What is the name of this bird? thus bird eat the fish or small animals etc., and living the trees or pick up this “pic” in the morning or evening ? if u don't mind your knowledge, tell me, Please...
Your lighting could not of been more perfect! I Love it! THank you for sharing.
jay u r amazing in photographing congrats it is a beautiful pic
Thanks for your information about your picture and you can catch the moment. your picture was beautiful.
That's a cool picture,I wonder where it was taken.
sono bellissime queste foto come posso farle vedere anche agli amici miei?
ma tutto straniero xx me io sono pura italiana ciai
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