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Arc of Life, Olympic National Forest, WA
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Can trees grow in arc shapes? They can in Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National park were more than 100 inches of rain falls every year and every inch of surface gets covered with vegetation. There are plants growing on top of other plants, growing on top of other plants. Often times the tree branches get heavy with moss and leaves and form these arcs.

How was this image created?
I find it very difficult to compose in a forest because things are so close together...Forests are often times too cluttered. In this photograph I attempted to isolate the arcs by using an uniform but contrasting (wrt to the arc) background of similarly sized vertical trees. I had to wander around in the forest to find this composition. I took this shot in between rain showers where the soft overcast light made the spring leaves glow.

For #treetuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie, +Shannon S. Myers

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Spring green, there's nothing quite like it. Beautiful image. Thanks
This is very beautiful and perfectly executed!
+fiona munday My favorite time to photograph...The leaves are still transparent enough to let the light pass through. It make them glow.
Maki MA
so beautiful!
this picture showing route of life, stars from earth and ends on earth
ดีจังค่ะ เขียวแล้วค่ะ ธรรมชาติมีจริง
Love that lush green. Great composition and explanation of how to "find" it +Jay Patel .
As long as we have the forest we see such beautiful things.thank u Jay
+PJ Ammidon If you want to challenge yourself to compose better...wander into a forest and try to come away with something interesting. Almost all our longer workshops are designed to have at least one composition challenge where we know that the students will struggle to come away with a photo with good composition.
Isn't there a saying about this? Can't see the forest for the trees?? ;) I will challenge myself to "see" in the forest +Jay Patel . Kind of similar to trying to find a good composition in the crowded, concrete jungle that is New York City LOL.
I do not mean to challenge .Instead i am appreciating your effort to show us such a beautiful thing that only our jungle can provide and it is artists like u who can better sensitize people about the situation of our shrinking forest.
+PJ Ammidon LOL!! Yeah it is the same. I have nothing against the cities...but you wont catch me in New York City. :-)))
great job of simplifying the composition (I have the same problem in the forest) and great colour.
D. Hale
It's a Vine Maple (Acer circinatum) and their habit is to grow in arches, moss or no moss. And they can re-root where an arch touches down. Of course they evolved in the rainforest to do just that...
Still a beautiful subject.
+D. Hale Thanks...I was trying to look for information on these trees.
've put this lovely picture on my desktop.
you are a great photographer!
nice...  green is so rare nowadays
man u've got awesome eye for composition...
Lovely three green color of healing 
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