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How NOT to ask a girl out!!

Go ahead and Caption this Photo...This is one of those funny photos I have to share for #caturday .

Here are my captions:

__I am not letting go unless you add me to you GooglePlus Circles.
__How do you think I met +Varina Patel? LOL!!!


Enjoy & Share.
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It's not? No wonder I keep getting rejected! ;-P
What? you mean that's not how it's done!!??  I guess my expectations have been too low!  O.o
might not work out so well for that male lion
Rejected cover illustration for a Dickens book.
"Tale of Two Kitties"
I only want a piece of tail from a wildcat like you...rrrrrrrrrrrr
I don't think he's asking!
I'm gonna try this!

... Oh wait... this is NOT how to ask them out??
E Herz
hehe, that lion's eyes saying it all...
Sort of reminds me of a couple shopping. "Do I have to hold your tail?  I promise I won't go into the hardware aisle and buy more toys, I mean, tools."
Bubble thought: Say you'll go out with me or you will lose your tail....:D
Paula G
O ya she does .ha ha
hey, where do you think you're going.
Kithay chalay o jnab
Nale kelay kelay o....
i will be no more LION wdhout (U)!!>>>......
Food shortages have already started causing problems in the Sahara. Nom, nom, nom.
After years of practice chasing his own tail, he was ready to try it with a partner....
like a boss if i was a lion i could be afraid to do that
give me that pussy!!!'s mine!!!
Ok allright , we got to kill something first. thats just the way I get off!
P Maddux
After the success of the lion, he witch, and the wardrobe, Aslan unfortunately let celebrity status go to his head.
Very good...he has claimed his territory!!!
brings a whole new literal meaning to "catch a tiger by the tail"
Dude awesome picture !!! Me gusta : D
BG Reno
nice tail....
So what do I win if I have the best caption? Cuz I want some tail!
Got the cat by the tail, he does. Bit off more that he can chew that's for sure.
Caveman style lol, good pic
awesome...look into the male lions' eyes n his face...its fiercesome...
Looks can be deceiving. This is the equivalent of a child holding his mom's hand. He must've knock some cereal of the shelf.
Come on +Jay Patel , tame su kevo cho (translation for others: what are you saying)? He is just preventing his girl's tail from gathering carp. Now we know what he is actually doing :)
How romantic Mr. Lion.
   LOLl!!!!  when you know what you want
Mr. Wolf does this too... with mixed results.
Keeping the best Dal caught the ear
and I'm finding friends as well, add me to your circle please
Jim L.
well, he got his piece of tail, didn't he. 
And lioness, what i am post today was alone. Maybe she was glad with similar ask :-)
Wow that is really wired if you do that to a girl watch how fast you get beat up
Mufasa: "You've been messing with that dude Scar down the block again huh!?  DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME! THAT'S MY NANI... HOLD UP WHAT YOU MEAN SIMBA ISN'T MINE!!!"
#idk  I grabbed a chick by her (pony)tail with my mouth we really hit it off! lol
Thought it was a very dirrect way to say "I want me some tail"
Holy smokes! Her tail is bigger than mine o.O! I couldn't deal with feeling THAT inadequate.

it is the sex tone of animal king
For us humans, the female would be the one with the tail in her mouth!
Maybe he's got corn stuck in his teeth
It's not as bad as hitting someone over the head with a club then dragging them into a cave. 
That is a beautiful photo and a very unique moment caught on film.
That's always how I ask girls out. Suprising how well "I want kitty" works... saves effort.
HEY! Did I say you could leave the kitchen. Those dishes ain't done yet.
Girl lion is all like No I'm not getting horny with lame moves like that.

Male lion is all like Yeah right.
That guy's dumb.  All she said was 'how about a little tail tonight?
wanna a piece of tail
otherwise.... "Please don't go"!!!!
Well, he clearly has a tail to tell eh.!!!
Nope. Only way to ask a girl out!
That is soo cute, hope men are listening. Lol. Nice picture
I think he is trying to say PLEASE DON'T GO 😊
Look at the way that lioness is looking at him.
He's just trying to get a little piece of tail!
Wait! Don't leave me home alone with the kids!
More like looking for a swollen jaw!
Eating tail, NOW THAT'S. WHAT. I AM INTO.
Silly boy, I am not a Tiger
One woman I dated for a while liked a little biting... just sayin'.
Whaddya mean "you have a headache"!!??
Ryan P
"Baby please don't gooo...."
Mike E
Hmmm... wonder wonder what this fussy tastes like!!!
It IS how to keep her on a short leash, though.
I've already tried a tiger by the tail - but this is my first time with you Elsa - so how about it?
HAHA, that happens to me everyday.. lol
Paul Ed
Its not that bad , but would not be too good the other way around.
Mike L
you better get me some food or ima eat you
Simba was surprised to discover the lion equivalent of pull my finger...
Mike E
Hmmm... Wonder what this pussy tastes like.
It should be how to get shot down
"Welcome to the jungle, you're a$$ is mine!"
That's not dating, that's foreplay!  :)
How long are you going to make me grovel? I said I was sorry.
I just want a lil tail and I ain't "Lion".
I told u I was gonna get me some of that tail one day...
Damn, must see an optician, thought I'd got myself a tiger.
"Fred didn't quite understand the concept of chasing tail."
"Wait!  Gazelle in my teeth.  Okay, now PULL!"
"Next time, sweetie, just ask for the directions"
"Oh I'm sorry -- Is this you're tail?"  "My bad!"
ههههههههها شئ جميل من الحيوانات
are kidding me he is the king of the jungle...he's like: come here or i ll bite you tail
Okay this does it, no more tail for you mister!!!!!!!!! lol
+Don Riley or just leave it at "Oh, sorry, I thought you were a tiger". Let people think a bit before they get it.
B**ch! Where do you think you're going? Make me my Sammich
"Hey, don't leave.... I'll remember to put the toilet set down next time!!"
Hmmm... needs a little salt.
"Look honey, all you have to do is stick it in your mouth like this..."
"I told you we were lost. Just shut up, grab my tail and follow me."
acoota matata mm yeah
I should have known she had a plan!!! "I double-triple-dare-ya" she says… "If your roar scares them away, I'm all yours baby", she says… "One condition though…" — I should have known... Me and my big mouth… Bite and roar at the same time… Pfff… Of course I can do that... She did NOT say bite my tail and roar at the same time… Stupid bet… I should have known… =P
Think before you bite.... I will not go after your tail!
Look at me when I'm talking to you girl.
Hold my Tail so you don't get lost...
Typical male the only thing you want is my tail
He got a mouthful of her. That's something 
"Is this what she meant when she asked me that?"
Your so delicious! Im sorry i cant help it......
Riz Man
"Hakuna Matata!"
ohh bad move dude! never pull her(pig)tail!!!
What are you doing out of the kitchen (j/k girls)
Hey so we still going out to the watering hole this sat night...??? =} 
Oh please my honey, sweetums, shnookums....Not to the mall again!......
Gee, your tail tastes terrific.
dental hygiene 101... floss regularly.. 
She:  Not now, I have a headache.  
He:  But, but I'm nibbling on your tail, just like you like it.  
I'm trying to tail:) you something! 
just his way to tell his wife that he love her
You better let go of my tail before I show you who's REALLY king of the jungle!
Depends on the girl (and how hot the guy is)
Now I need a box to strike this match on
fuck chasing i have you i'm not letting you go
"It's catch a tiger by the toe, gaw -_- you can't do anything right, this is why I do all the hunting".
Look this isn't Dumbo you know, now get off my tail.
+Rob Wyland, it's going to be the cover for the one that comes after Mountain Lion –> Bitting Lion. Lol
I likes ya and I wants ya. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours, and I can see you want to do this the hard way
Forget it, Leo, I'm a lesbian.
I wonder what happens if i pull on this? Oooh stinky!
And dont smell her a** like dogs do..............
pfffft this would totally work on all girls
That's equivalent to placing a hand on the small of a woman's back.
Please move the tail so I can get a clear path!! 
After reading fifty shades of gray Ms. Lion wanted to spice it up a little. 
Ah, hahahaha, He looks to be an ass fan.
look at me when i'm talking to you!
I guess this gives new meaning to the term "chasing tail". Now the question becomes, "What do you do when you finally catch it?"
you are supposed to pin it on the donkey you fool!
"You know I said, I don't bite! I was lion"
He says you can go out with the girls tonight but this tail stays with me meow!
Come on, look into my eyes so I can glamour you. It works for vampires...
"The Lion won't sleep tonight."
Where do you think your going? I just told you the credit cards are maxed out.
Girls night? But you promised me you'd stay home and watch Planet of The Monkeys with me. *You're not going!* 
That's one way to make her look back ;-)
I swear that's never happened before baby, please don't go
Jo Plus
- "Lady look i'll do anything (else). Just don't let my friends see me this way"

-"ok. Here come the ladies. I guess they are not your friends so don't even think about it"
"Didn't you hear me talkin' to you, woman?!"
Kevin P
Maybe I didn't make myself clear, I'M NOT ASKING FOR YOUR PERMISSION!
nom nom nom..... your tail tastes like chicken
I'm Sorry Mama..come back..what about the cubs? 
oh FFS cant you get anything right? It called pin the tail on the donkey!!!
TaddLe taiLs ! R umm umm smashed tired
"you're meant to pull my leg stupid"...!!!...
Most donkey's niTeLy hav thaT JaKe n Ass furbished
Donna Dawson. Can I have some tail?
Pull it if yur the kangaroo poucH potatoe
your tail tastes like strawberries
Just taken my wife for a walk haters gonna hate
He's got a lioness by the tail hmmm
so love is blind you lead i will folow
I've been after tail all my life. What a letdown.
At least you could of shaved it!
did you want that straight or curled.
That is not what they mean when the say "getting a piece of ". NOW LET GO!!!
Please stay for at least one glass of Cham-pag-knee
Q Dog
Do you prefer mint, cinnamon or dingleberry?
Oh, was that yours? How YOU doin' ....
What!? You said I needed to floss!
Heidi S
What do you mean I'm not sensitive?
Really darling, I only want a little bit of tail.
"Yup, you're a dude. When did you start to trim your mane?"
Lookit-I know you want a piece of tail, but this is ridiculous!
Hahahhaaahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhaahahaahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhqhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaahaaahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhaahhahahhahahahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahagahahhaahhahagahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhhahahahahaahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahaaahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahhahhhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaaha MY NAME LAITH AND LAITH MEANS THE LOIN AND THAT I GET REJECTED!!!!!! LOL!!!
"Now,,,,What DID you say about my woman!!"
I saw you with Leo,but your tail is now mine! awesome pic👍
Fantastic picture, not sure what he's up to but those eyes of his suggest he's trying to be as manly as possible and she's all like "Meh, whatever" 
Jay Patel
Here are my captions:

__I am not letting go unless you add me to you GooglePlus Circles.
__How do you think I met +Varina Patel? LOL!!!
im guessing he wants a piece of tail?
Sorry, I thought you were a tiger.
"Hey beautiful... i will show you how to tie a knot on your tail.. using my tongue only"
well i would kill someone if they were hangin on to me like that!!!
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