How do you know if you are a good Photographer?

Just how do you measure your talent? By follower count? By number of comments you get on your posts? or By number of re-shares?

If I take these as a measure of my talentI would be dead wrong. Take a look at your past may real critiques (suggestion on how to improve your photograph or what is wrong with the image) have you gotten. Perhaps a handful among 1000s of comments you have received?

Here is an a great episode from "The Grid" where +Scott Kelby and +Matt Kloskowski not only give "Real" blind photo critiques but offer some great suggestion on how to evaluate and improve your work by comparing it against your peers.

And my personal thanks to +Scott Kelby and +Matt Kloskowski for being too generous about my work.

Enjoy & Share.
Here's the Free rebroadcast of yesterday's "Blind Photo Critiques" from "The Grid" (our weekly talk show for photographers).

Wow --- we are getting just wonderful feedback from this episode, and we're going to be making these blind critiques a regular feature each month. It's only our second one, and we'll continue to tweak the process and hopefully improve in our delivery and advice each time.

I saw a comment yesterday from a viewer here on G+ (+Amy Johnson) and she so gets it. She wrote: "Thanks so much for another great episode this week! Never new that watching critiques of other peoples' photos could be so educational!_ I posted the episode here, and I'll post here when we're going to do the next one. Thanks to everyone who participated. :)
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