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Looking Glass, Colorado
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Five years ago it was rare for me to take a photograph during midday...but now I shoot all day long. Why? Because experience has taught me that there is always something to photograph. You need to see it be able "Learn to See" the photographs.

How was this photograph created?
The key to taking this photograph was to maximize the area lit up by the sun throughout the image. Why? so that even if this photo was taken at mid day the harsh light would not be a factor. Additionally, I used reflection to fill the image with color.

Q: What kind of color scheme do you see used in this image?
A: You can see the same color scheme being used in the photos in this article:

Enjoy & Share.
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I love the way the foreground grass breaks into the reflection of the hill.
+Cliff Baise It was the Gold colors of the Foreground grass that first attracted me to this composition. On after did I notice the reflection.
Midday shooting does not always equate to harsh-light shooting...and you've shown it well here +Jay Patel. I have a highly acclaimed & awarded image taken at 12 noon in the desert, and folks don't believe me when I tell it to them!
ambiance is cool for camping... love it
Lovely Nature and beautifully captured!
superr cool picture
beuatiful and lovelly landscape !!! exactlly calm without any ...
Thanks +Jay Patel - didn't want to hijack your thread! I have not posted it on G+ yet, but here's a link to the image on my DeviantArt profile. It was awarded a "Highly Commended" in the 2010 BBC Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards, and has also been awarded/commended in many local competitions in South Africa. Much of the contrast in this version was enhanced in processing, as the clouds made for quite even lighting. The wildebeest was also burned a bit to get it more silhouette-like.
Me gusta su trabajo Jay Patel
superb landscape...good place to relax!
+Morkel Erasmus Nice clouds!!! Perfect location to practice long lens landscape shots. Thanks for the sharing it on the stream.
its a great one , is it HDR type?
my pleasure +Jay Patel...and thanks for the kudos.
I have not interacted on your posts much (my bad) but I have read quite a lot of them...honestly didn't think you would get round to replying to comments with the amount of traffic on your feed. Pleasantly surprised though - looking forward to more interaction!
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Wow... wonderful!! It is a great photo.
+Morkel Erasmus I cant always promise I will be able to respond...but I will try.

+haridas c I dont think so (I will have to look at my archive to be sure)....Most likely this is a single exposure with targeted adjustments.
"I want to go to there" Looks so quiet and peaceful.
Good post, +Jay Patel. A lot of people miss a lot of photo ops by sticking to the early morning or evening rule. One of the more unusual destinations around my parts you'll rarely see photos taken during prime photography hours, because there's a military and police enforced curfew during those hours. So you better be ready for a lot of daytime shooting.

The same with the HDR "rule" stating it shouldn't be used on midday photos. My experience is that it can improve a photo no matter what time of day the photo is taken.
p tienes buenas fotos. saludos
a place away from d madding crowd. JUST MERVELOUS
Where in Colorado was this taken? Beautiful. 
I love how crisp this is. Very lovely, Jay.
Nice info on color use at the link. Thank you. What color reflector was used in this one?
Opps my bad, I read "reflection" as "reflector.
No worries +Jay Patel. I fully understand! Thanks anyway. If you have a minute, I would love for you to check out some of my images here on G+, I specialise in African wildlife and landscapes. Cheers!
+Michael Rusert It was taken on Independence Pass near Aspen.

+Patrick Smith There are always boring pixel to be need look at it at 100%. LOL!!

+Matt Shalvatis I dont know about the HDR Rule...but shooting at midday expands your creativity.
i dreamed of moonlight on the river of colorado.
Can you add a link to Pinterest to your site? Easy for spotlighting your work.
favoloso paesaggio...sembrano i miei monti...
I should visit the.Exactly where is it.
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