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The Last Green, Pebble Beach, CA
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I took this photograph while shooting with some friends few year ago just north of Pigeon Point Light house. I was showing a group of students how to use the GND filters when I took this photograph.

How was this image created?
I used a hard Edge GND filter to balance out the light between the sky and the ground. The filter edge was aligned just below the rocks (accounting for the darkening of the rock at the very top). The composition was selected to fill the lower part of the frame with the Green Moss growing in the region.

If you look carefully you can see the light reflecting from the pool as well as the rock beneath the surface.

Enjoy & Share.
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i dont know what to say.........
have to say ,you are the best 。this photo is great
very beautiful picture i use to live in cali and would love to go back
Wonderful work! Love your composition! Thank you for sharing what went into help pull it off. My GRD s arived in the mail today :) looking forward use them to help me capture the landscapes near where I live. Thank you again +Jay Patel you do incredable work and I find it inspirantional. Allan +David Faught you need to do some reading on filters and what is required to take photos with this type of light. There is no photo that truley reproduses the scene as how it looked at the time the photo was taken. Allan
WowX2. Where is the video tutorial that accompanies this image? I can't wait to start shooting like this when my D800 (pre-ordered) comes in. So throw a tutorial together so I can practice with my D200.
this is very peaceful looking love the colors
OK...ok... i am not trying to be an ass, Awesome Pic. You have talent, but i dont know if its because It's been a while.... but it looks like a very nice vagina to me. sorry, i may have issues.
Pretty nifty looking there, +Jay Patel

What would you say is the majority of your subject matter...???
I have a somewhat similar shot from Cali. But yours is 10000000 times better :-)
that is beautiful where did you find this pic
nice one, so beautiful
wow..what a beauty of nature!!!!
wow it really ,makes me think of Eden Absolutely beautiful shot, thanks for sharing it with us.
pemandangan yang bagus dan good shoot
I would love to see that original picture.
its amazing a God creation ...luvly...
It takes a real talent to capture mother nature in all her beauty. Fantastic photo - well done!
Magnificent art! May I post this (giving credit, of course)?
I recall the vantage, but your photograph captures it so beautifully, I felt it better than being there. Would love to know exactly how you negated the glare on the pool to reveal the depths of it!
I can see that you used HDR, but I love the fact that you kept it natural. It's simply GORGEOUS! Congratulations!
wow! what an amazing picture. not as impressive as seeing it in real life, but a very good capturing of a moment in time
eye-catching scene. beautiful colors. well done
WOOW!! What a nice photo! good shot man!
this image was created by god, by god; research shows him/her as an individual intitie that is within all who finally admit they know not all the answers, still ask 'why', and admit that's just the way it is without giving up hope of understanding, a grace to admit it it, or them, or what the f ever.../gabe
Волшебно и завораживает ..
PH Lee
Very nice! day soon i desire to get to that level!
Thanks for sharing the technique :)
It's good to see you at lunch today.
discover how the world looks like and we shall always be happy to learn it from you
Me Cai
great.. ^_^
i can say it's a supernatural event that took place..
Oh, I thought you meant the 18th hole.
Since I have run out of superlatives, I'll just admire the image and forget about the comment :-)
The textures are awesome. It tells a story, but I'm afraid to write it and break the mood.
Wo.... the scene is so beautiful. But i have a question,i,e, in fact, is the real scene not as beautiful as what you have photograhyed?
And the second question is which corner you choose when you take this pic? It seems you take it on the helicopter.
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its very nice photo
superb man....u r creative photographer,
Wow a beautiful picture... :D nice much
this is the real one?? so fantastic...very live...
Superb atmosphere and fantastic composition my friend!
awsome work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this picture the sky is amazing!
Save me! This is so beautiful i feel satisfied. Thank you for sharing. Can it be purchased?

Hmm.. It's crystal clear sharp picture. The cloud looked unique. Nice.
Love it! Putting all the elements into one amazing image of true beauty of the earth collected and combined from the bold eye and playful ideas of a person that truly appreciates beauty of nature. Thanks for sharing this incredible picture. 
wowwwwwwwwwww i want to go there
you got an awsome combination in that shot. kinda familiar with the area you were saying. definite quality!
this's like a game and running on direct 11
California. Makes me want to pull out my nine...iron.
Thanks for this, It's fantastic! I grew up a few miles from here and miss it!
really great photography. wonderful. u r very talented.
Very Beautiful !!! Great job !!!
great capture, awesome colours!
I love pebble beach! I went to science camp there. Beautiful photo
awesome..........can't be defined by words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love how clear that pool of water is, and the light blue and purple colors the pool is reflecting
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