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Free Photo Tips: Leading Lines
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Leading Lines one of the most simple rules of photography and we use them all the times. This short video show that the leading lines are created by are only seen after you click the shutter, are dynamic (exist only for a fraction of a second), are cast in stone (like the ones seen below), are created by POV and Lens combination....and more. 

Enjoy & Share.
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oh gosh it was such a long time ago I forget but I can tell you it was a bitterly cold day that I do remember :-)
Thanks if it is okay with you I can share my b&w with you of some of the pictures back then ? :-)
+Richard Pennells It is OK if it is relevant to the post.

If you share them in my post...I will try to respond. I dont always have time to respond to every comment. Just depends upon the post and the comments. 
+Jay Patel rather than me post anymore photos here, if you have a moment browse my albums :-)
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