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Of Silver & Gold, Cuyahoga National Park, OH - #WaterfallWednesday, - #PhotographyWorkflow, #howtophotograph

I realized that I did not have may fall color photos in my gallery on here is an attempt to change that. I drive past this place everyday to work and on one such occasion I noticed the fall colors were at their day I stopped by and took this shot from a small ledge.

How was this image created?

I choose to avoid sky because it would be over exposed and used a zoom lens to select the composition that filled the frame with colors. The key to this image was the fall season.

Question: What would happen to the colors I were to take this shot in Winter?

This photograph is featured in great details in our Waterfall Workflow Series ebook and in our Vibrant Colors eBook. The workflow series ebook goes in great details about decision on composition and white balance and it includes pre-processed photographs.

Here is a free tutorial to photograph fall colors:

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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful shot.
Great shot. And a great location. I grew up in that area many moons ago. Spent alot of time at Brandywine. In fact I will be visiting there next week. I am taking my camera......
Taz zy
It's really beautiful
+Tim Murray Definitely take your camera..The colors this weekend are just stunning. You should be able to get some fantastic shot in this area.
I loved it. Awsm photography man.......
Really beautiful! Love the composition and of course the wonderful fall colors! And thanks for the tutorial!
i hav visited ur all albums.. i am amazed .. truly ...amazing beautiiiiiful
+Jay Patel Thank you very much for the share and comments on my Multnomah Falls image! I'm honored :)
+Patricia Davidson You are welcome...Looking forward to seeing more of your work. I have to say...I am more than a bit jealous of your home location. :-))
Thanks Jay :) It is a great location, wish I had more time :)
This is beautiful Jay - reminds me of home. I was at this falls exactly one year ago today when I was visiting family! I live in Oregon now, but grew up in Kent. I love seeing your gorgeous shots of my old stomping grounds.
Gorgeous, Jay. I always look forward to your posts and explanations. Thanks for sharing so much. ;)
I do love how the water is falling past me, not at me - it seems to make it more a part of the whole. Thanks for sharing a beautiful image, and also for making me think harder about composition.
I would love to have a log cabin home hidden behind all the trees here
This is a great shot Jay! Love it.
Wonderful Jay..the composition is perfect, and the atmosphere too!
I really hope to see one of your great works in the #LongExposureThursday :)
It is really nice to see a shot from the area where you live. We have such beautiful landscapes right here in Ohio that require minimal travel to get to and photograph - we need to share more of those with the world. :)
I love this picture very much. It's real Autumn. Thanks
so beautiful !
Yellow forest is alwaZ a perfect combination with a fresh water fall...!!!!:)
I live relatively near Cuyahoga Valley and have been here several times. Thank you so much for capturing this.
Love all that color. Great shot Jay
I remember going there. Really beautiful place. Nice capture Jay.
Perfect. The water and man made structure keeps the image from being an abstract in orange
is this heaven...........hope yes!
Los tonos de este paisaje son de ensoñación... hermoso, hermoso... simplemente hermoso...
Damn I miss autumn. 
And trees.
Thank you for sharing this astounding fallscape!
Nice picture, love the autumn leave colors. Looks so beautiful.
Gorgeous work, Jay! Keep them coming!
Fall foliage creek beds streaming; where is this NY?
Nice pic, Jay.  I live in Ohio and this kinda reminds me (on a larger scale, of course) of a falls area in the Metroparks-North Chagrin Reservation.
One of nature's best.  From the lovely golden leaves to the smooth flow of the waterfall.
It is thrillingly beautiful and breathtaking..!!!
Thank you for sharing it with us!
I really love these photos! Keep up the good work!
We don't get colors like this in Southern California. Got to GO!
I live in areas that have hardly any trees. no flowing rivers. yes this is very breath taking. would love to be there now!  :)
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