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Shades of Turquoise, Banff National Park, Canada
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If you want to see picturesque lakes there is no place better than the Canadian Rockies (in my opinion). Lakes formed by the Glacial Run off often take on a turquoise colors due to the Glacial silt present in them as you can see this photograph of Peyto Lake.

How was this photograph created?
I used a circular polarizer to cut through as much humidity as possible on this warm and humid day. The composition of the photograph was selected to include various diagonals formed by the tree line, the rocks and the Peyto Lake itself. I waited until the clouds had formed interesting patterns on the lake AND the sun was shining on the foreground rocks (this brought out the rich colors in the rocks and the lichen).

Enjoy & Share.
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Great shot. There are so many great spots in Banff and Jasper to shoot. I hope to go back when it is a beautiful day like this. :)
Beautiful. I haven't been there since I was a teen--it is definitely on my list of places to visit again now that I have some photography skill
Sweet I'd Like to See an Ansel Adams Style Version?
jac jac
Grandioso trabalho ! mui belo .
I wish I was there - beautiful!
Wow! Your are there now and took this pic? I am jealous and this is on my list of places to go as of .........NOW!
Sound very professional. Very nice picture.
I visited the park in the early 70's. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, brings back good memories.
Was there in 2003 and it took my breath away :o)
very very beautiful
the awesomist thing i have ever seen! (next 2 my BF)
Yes, and it is that beautiful for real. Nice capture!
i luv the pic, good luck with your BF though :/
Mary M
Very beautiful
Been there and it really does look like this!! Amazing to witness :)
Von Aso
canada is best part in earth for living i love it
Nafas N
the beautifule of pic
That's just unreal, it looks like something I'd see ony in a deam.
Great photo & what a wonderful place to go...
Very pretty! Love the color of the water and the lichens on those rocks.
Jesus Christ! beautiful
Banff is one of those places where it doesn't matter how bad of a photographer you are, all your pics will come out stunning. Not an ugly inch of the place.
Wow looks like an amazing place. Will have to visit Canada and Banff sometime.
the water looks fake its so blue
cris w
Simply stunning.
Gotta go there someday. Gorgeous!
bch 12
Stunning color, lines and composition.
A. Rios
Gorgeous! The Canadian Rockies, Banff and Lake Louse are my favorite places. Thanks for sharing!
I was a warm day, thought it would be cold up there-you and nature make it look so inviting!
It's a very beautiful picture. Your patience and timing is definitely seen through the photo. =)
we visited the park during the regiment tour last summer- it's a beautiful place. i can't wait to go back!
Wow! That is quite a view. This would make an amazing Time Lapse Video :)
Lovely pic! Banff is one of the top 10 places I want to see.
Beauty! There are some great lakes in Ladakh and Sikkim in India :-)
That is a really amazing photo! I just wish I was there now...
Wait till Alberta oil companies ruin that too....
I'm so proud of my beautiful province.
Great Photo! Only critique is I wish the angle was a little different.
looks like something that Bob Ross would have painted.
Awesome pic I would love if it wasn't protected so I could use it as wallpaper
Why does a circular polarizer gets the mentioned effect? Is the light polarized by condensation?
Incredible shot Jay, just awesome!
its just amazingly amazing

That is my back yard..I love Alberta..I feel lucky to live in such an amazing and beautiful place...thanks for sharing !!
+Pedro Larroy Good question....Light is scattered by humidity and water droplets in the air. Circular polarizer reduce the scattered light and improves clarity.

+Vladimir Jirasek All Photoshop adjustments were restricted to minor curves correction and cloning out some water droplets that fell on my lens while taking this shot.
+Sumit Sen The difference between Ladkh and Canadian Rockies is the height and moisture content in the air. Ladkh landscape is rather dry and barren...Canadian Rockies is covered with coniferous trees and prairies. They are also easier to navigate as the height does not pose a challenge.
please take me somewhere hot. its so cold
amazing so cool and beautifal
+Ron Worobec Nice shot!!! We visited in Canada during an unsual hot and humid weather...and as a result the glacial silt in the lake was more normal and the colors were a bit lighter than you normally would expect.
Robin Y
this looks like a painting...
Beautiful wish i could be there.but im stuck in maui, lol.
+Carlos Vasquez Let trade places...I have 4 inches on snow on the ground and 10-15 miles an hour wind gusts. :-)))
Wow this is so nice! I am going to have to go there!
We were at this lake and got devoured by mosquitoes - but the scenery is stunning.
that's so pretty!!! Now I want to go there
it looks fake its so beautiful
Wow man I wish I had the luxury to travel
Thats just pure magic! Gorgeous pic ::)
That looks very nice I'm liking it!!
Mark M
Cool! Nice and beautiful
Looks alot like lake Bennett near the Canadian end of the Chilkoot trail from Skagway Alaska to Bennett Canada. See my picture below
Beautiful! On my way there next year!
went there for my honeymoon... spent two weeks. want to go back there and live permanently. the most beautiful place on earth.
Water is calmative..... Specially beside of mountain....
That Pic is almost as awesome a your mom last night
You could sit and look at this in person forever.
you should also see Bear Lake at the Utah / Wyoming border. Same shade of clear blue water. Amazing when you come around the corner and see if for the first time.
Seeing Banff is on my bucket list. For sure
Simply breathtaking
Proud Canadian. moving that way in 2 months. :D excellent shot.
nice Photo! makes me want to swim in that ocean even though the weather might be pretty cold there.
I have a shot of this very lake that I took with a 4MP camera way back when... you've just reminded me that I need to get back out there.

Nice work as always :)
Good work, that's the real beauty of nature
Great technique, fantastic results!!!!
W0W ! I like it. Beautiful and amazing place..
Blue sea.. so beautiful. Best Photography.

I Love Nature
This is painting or nature wonder.superbb....what a plesent pic.
Gotta agree with you on that one!! I planned my route to Hope, British Columbia 5 yrs ago, but got distracted. Now, I'm ready to travel some time soon, and it's to Canada I go, or Ireland!! but first, gotta win trip lol
MK khan
beautiful man
What a slice of heaven. God said as he was making this "Lets just let this beauty keep on giving to those who will take the time look. Thanks!
Mr. Patel I LOVE your work:-}
thanks for sharing these great pictures and transporting us to these exotic places. That water is unreal!
wow now that so so pretty
i like the rocks and the water is so clear looking
These are all awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing these glimpses into "God's country" that we all are not privy to see.
Yeup, that's Canada for you.
me encanta estisaje es precioso!!..pero..fijense el arte q hay en el margen inferior derecho sobre la piedra!! arte natural!!
You are so talented,wish i could be 1/2 as good.
IVE BEEN THERE TOO!!! the glacier salt really makes the color of the lake stunning.
I took almost the same exact picture! It's on my profile if you want proof
Love all your shots!! Don't stop..keep em coming!
This is absolutely breathtaking! I can't think of any other words to describe this.
beautiful...amazingly created!!!!
If I will be there some day... I am sure that than I can die in peace!
Ufff uffff breath taking beauty ... Love to visit such places but .......

Gorgeous view, is it Columbia River?
Is it Columbia River?
I visited this place, few days ago. Very scenic place in Canadian Rocky Mountains. 
Just amazing nature. I love it. @-}-- 
it's nice for avatar background
The picture is magnificent but I'm sure being there and looking at this scene what spectacular.
Thats Lake Peyto! I went there this summer! I actually have a picture of it on G+!!!
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