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Landscape Photography Gallery: Photographing Desert Vistas

American desert terrain offers fantastic and diverse vistas that are often described as A Photographers Paradise. The deserts in Southwest US features traditional desert terrain such as sand dunes and cactus but also includes colors and geology of high desert regions.

And during those rare storms in the desert one can get an opportunity to capture some stunning light and fantastic this photograph called Valley of Shadow of Death taken as storm was approaching Death Valley National Park.

I have arranged first 15-20 images in my gallery to showcase the desert landscapes.

Enjoy & Share.
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hermosas fotos son lugares que apesar de ser desiertos tienen vistas fantasticas
Such a MASTER! :)
Truely to say, your art themselves represents Krishna..
Hahaha. Seriously +Jay Patel, there are SO many landscape's photographers, but not everyone obtain that connection with their imagines. And you know that since the first time I saw one of your posts here around G+, I felt that with your art. You are what you are, and thank you for that :)
outstanding! You have a real gift for taking extremely beautiful and striking photographs. Thank you for sharing :)
WOW. Jay, that is some fantastic frames.
This is magic and serene!!!
What can I say... amazing!
Awesome photography..
So beautiful, love these pics, keep posting .....
Breathtaking. Shows us how great and mighty the Lord is.
Great creation of God ... Magificent.. awesome..
Hey +Jay Patel, man do you rock! Very nice Photos, you are a true insperation! Thanks for sharing your work!
gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! the sunset almost looks animated!!
WOW. I wish there was a word that could do these pictures justice! Simply amazing!
so so beautiful photos .. our world is amazing place we should save our nature ... ;)
After living in the desert I have to admit that looking at it thru your eyes sheds a beauty that has been missed! Thanks!
Good afternoon, do you sell your work? I especially like your New Mexico shot. It just furthers my interest in visiting.
They are all Just beautiful...takes my breath away!... :)
i love theese pics...very very beautiful
I do have some pictures from my enchanted islsnd in Puerto Rico, painted by God...
Wow!!! God is so amazing to have created that stuff!!
Thank you for sharing, absolutely magnificent!
I love these landscapes. Wish I can see them with my own eyes... wait am i not doing that right now? Sigh... dumb city with over 78% Hispanic population
That's freakin amazing and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's a storm in my area please watch the news! Please!
Ethopiians nice folks.
I can use these photos as wallpapers!!!
Awesome photos! great use of color and textures...
Cool dude. U really can inspire others with that kind of work.
والله اجمل صور شفت فى حياتى 
lovin' your work. Seriously spiritual. Only Creator could have given such beauty to capture even if for the seconds to observe it's GRACE forever on film.
Outstanding lead-in lines and great depth with the layers offered for the eye to consume!
Great set of wonderful landscapes. This is breath taking
These are very good shots
I wonder what exposures were used
+Kartik Chaturvedi No need to +1 every image...Just enjoy the photographs.

+Julie Fraulin All you have to do is observe...and it is not too hard to find the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us.
I like all the pictures because all the pictures are nice and beautiful
with deep deep meanings...such a nice landscape...
g o r g e o u s
... a lover of this planet
Thanks Margaret
Thank everyone....Desert can be a fantastic place to photograph.
So many facets to the desert and most of them unknown. Thanks for capturing some for us!
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