The Wind & The Ocean, Hawaii
#landscapephotography , #photographyworkflow

I love watching the waves break as they approach the shore in Hawaii. While strolling on the beach on a windy day I decided to capture the wonderful turquoise color of the ocean. I had to find a spot there the wave were breaking just at the right distance to be able to see the rich colors of the ocean.

How was this photograph created?
Who says you cant take good photograph in Harsh Light? This photo was taken in middle of the afternoon under the blue skies. In most cases harsh afternoon light would ruin your photo but while photographing the ocean the harsh afternoon light brings out the colors in the water. I had to use high shutter speed and carefully select the exposure (using histogram) to keep the water from over exposing. I did use a polarizer to bring out the colors in the sky and the ocean.

Enjoy & Share.
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