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Photographing North America's National Parks
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The darkest nights, brightest sands, tropical paradise, majestic mountains, blazing falls colors, fantastic geological formations, turquoise glacial lakes, colorful hot springs, diverse wildlife and roaring waterfalls are some of the things that can be found in North America's Magnificent National Parks.

I have arranged my album so that first 30 images showcases National Parks.

Enjoy & Share.
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I have just finished listening the the podcast interview that you and your wife did recently,it was very helpful and inspiring to listen too. It also makes me want to join a photo club too now.
Images of a good outcome, should be with a sophisticated camera yes
Thanks Jay for the shots quiet enjoyable keep taking the shot
Incredible album of some amazing pictures, thanks for sharing Jay.
+Jay Patel not at all, I found it very useful and while I don't have the chance to do much landscapes at the moment a lot of what you both had to say was very valuable for every photographer to hear.
To me you are the God of Landscape photography...
+Rizki Anhari The images you see here are captured with Canon 10D to Canon 5D MKII. While sophistication of the camera can limit in some situation..those are few and far in between.
That is some really awesome work, Jay. Those shots are not easy to get.
Nice work, Patel. Goog luck & positive vibe :)
Best of luck.i like to be a photographer after watching your photos.
Well done - thank you for sharing these wonderful views with us.
Beautiful....awsme pics!!!cant find to xpress my expresn in wrds!!!
luks lyk about my dream place...
Exquisite album collection! I can't wait to visit the national parks!
Great collection. Terrific photography!
Es una preciosidad verlas
Sarah S
Your pictures are amazing +Jay Patel , I can only wish that one day I will be able to take pictures like you!
+Sarah Schrauwen It is not that difficult. If you just learn when and what to shoot and it would take you a bit step to getting photos like these.
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