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The Classic View, Havasu Canyon, AZ

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Havasu Falls is difficult to access this place - You have to hike 10 miles, fight dogs that try to mark your backpacks, brave cold temperature, fall in water atleast couple of times and elect a sacrificial lamb to test how deep the water... got the honors on our last trip. You can read about it in our free Ebook. At the end of the ebook we have included tips on how to photograph waterfalls.

When you start exploring Havasu Falls, this is one of the places that you stand and admire beauty of Havasu Falls. The color of the water and close proximity of the falls make this a classic view of the magnificent falls.

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Thanks for sharing. Im sure Ill never get there myself!
I don't think anyone could ever get tired of looking at this view. Superb!
Wanda H
Amazing work. I wish I could dip my toe in.
Quite a lovely place...and thanks+Jay Patel for the link!
The color of the water is incredible. Beautifully done.
LOVE this perspective of Havasu falls +Jay Patel ! Great detail throughout the image, well done!
Hey Jay, Awesome work. Totally inspiring!
I love Havasupai. I just wish it still looked like in your photo. :(

Excellent shot. :)
Beautiful image. I love the clear aqua water 
That's great Jay. I have Nikon D5100. Can you please tell me settings to capture water the way you did? Please advise.
This brings great memories of my time there as a teenager. That is a gorgeous photo.
waterfalls cant get much better than this...
+Krishnam Raju Most likely. It allows you to use slower shutter speeds in bright conditions. You will need a slower shutter speed to get motion blur in the water.

You could try the effect with a pair of sunglasses. Obviously the result won't be as good, but it will show you how it works.
+Krishnam Raju Please download the free ebook. It contains tips on how to photograph. You may also want to look at the FIRST session of Nature Photographer Webinar:

We go in depth about how to use different equipment for Landscape Photography. You dont really need NIKON brand - any brand will do.

+aakanksha sharma It is nice meeting you. We provide lots of information on our Blog:

You can subscribe to it and get regular tips and direction on how to photograph. Almost all my post on G+ is about learning about can scroll through and find some very useful information.

Thank you everyone for the comments on this image. Havasu Falls is breathtaking place!!
a piece of beauty needs no comment.hats off .
I made the hike in and out in one day. A bit too though to enjoy the scenery. Great photo!
That's my state. ;) I love this place.
Well +Jay Patel , you are doing AZ proud with those photos. :) We need people to keep visiting the state, not all of us are crazy politically hehe.
+Wesley Foll Thank you!! Just wait until you see some more shots from your state. :-))
Thanks for sharing....stunning pictures!
I can't believe it..these photos are more than beautiful..
This gallery is extraordinary landscape photography combined with excellent pp. Can't stop looking at. Jay.
يرجي وضع مثلهذه المناظر الرائعة والله يعطيكم العافية
Got to go here. I will have to take the helicopter :)
Wow! You have a good eye for composition and color. It's worth to suffer when you got these results. Real Art!
I saw the pictures of you, it was wonderful. Nature lively, colorful and beautiful light. It makes me love nature more than ever. Thank you for providing this wonderful picture!
You are a true genius!
So nice and beautiful....! Thanks for sharing Jay Patel...
Very nice collection. Your composition is great. And post processing is perfect. Cheers!
This one has to be my favorite so far! BEAUTIFUL!!
The way you capture is just awesome.
The rock by the large fall looks like wood
Honestly, I was sure that it was in Hawaii.
I can't believe that such a beauty is on earth . Its nature gift to us from God which is given by you.
why does the moving water in your photos always look like satin or something?
this is one of the prettiest pictures ive ever seen
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