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Path of the Sun, Glacier National Park, MT
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We have been to Glacier National Park many times, but we have never quite witnessed a light display like this. What would top this? Perhaps an shot of Aurora Borealis.

And that is exactly what we will attempt to do in next 8 days in Iceland. We will attempt to blog from Iceland, but in case we don't get to it just make sure that you guys keep the photography community busy.

And if we get a spectacular shot, I will stay up all night and process to make +Patrick Di Fruscia jealous...just a bit.
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Beautiful photo, Jay! Have a good time in Iceland. Looking forward to the shots you guys come away with.
Beautiful capture! With the amount of auroral activity right now, the next week should produce some great shots in Iceland. I wish you guys the best and hope you get your breath taken away by the beauty of the northern lights! :)
I really wish I could take a picture like this at least once in my life, truly beautiful Jay.
The last day I was up in Glacier, I had an opposite kind of light - but, wonderful in its own right. I very much like how the river fades into the oncoming stream of sunlight!
Из обычного - необычное. Здорово.
Wowser! That is some fantastic light and a beautiful scene.
Beautiful, cannot just express my awe at the colour change, top to bottom. Well done
Wonderful Work! It's a spectacular display of light. Thanks for sharing.
stunning, beautiful colours and clarity, front to back
This is magical Jay! Between you and Patrick, blow my world! hahahah :)
What a wonderful world. .........
Hey Sweet. I live just south of there. In western Montana and love this place. It maybe quiet and lonely for most, but we love it here.
Very beautiful! All of the photos here are extraordinary!
Absolutely glorious. That lighting is spectacular!
The composition and light are so gorgeous! How wonderful to have been there! Excellent!
Amazing, I love the colours, love the Sun rays and love the composition.
cooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll :))))
Very rarely does a photograph actually put you "there" but I felt that in many of your images. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.
Spectacular shot +Jay Patel - best of luck in Iceland, I'm slightly (well, very) jealous! Safe travels.
so beautiful.....
boss, ur photography is just AWESOME.
best landscapes i have ever seen.
thanks for the inspiration.
Es Kay
hi, JP , you are making me mad out of seeing your shoots, i realy wants to learn photography in fact i m googling articles related to it.. thanks man, it is awesome and perfect to inspire millions of photographers around the globe.... again a thanks, no words , i wants to follow your foot-step...
Beautiful pictures Jay. I have done some landscape photography over the years but nothing compares to what you have done. Most inspiring!
Thank-you for sharing.
Oh yes, like an old Bierstadt or Church painting....
good luck with those northern lights. That's something that's right at the top of my list. I hope you get a good display
I hope I don't jinx your trip by adding you top the Aurora Shooter's G+ list! I think you need to be included, if only for your enthusiasm... I am eagerly awaiting your aurora shots!
I am loving this photo -The Godrays are just gorgeous
what a GREAT SHOT and a wonderful feeling to see, thank you
Heven Touched the earth- so nice of it

Thanks a lot
reminds me of a bright spring day after it has rained for a long time.
what great composition and luck!!
Pretty amazing image or phografe. Relaxing.
I dont think i have ever seen one this beautiful with so much in it!!
Is there any posability I could get a print of this magnificent picture, or at least put on my phone so I could get it printed my self? My e-mail is Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Lisa beautiful is
God creation
Gasp...the world just looks so unharmed(tranquility)
Wow Jay Patel awesome pic thankx Joe Giardina for sharing so weird writing ur last name like my maiden name!!!!! One n only:)
I can't believe ! that our planet it so beautiful. Amazing !!!
Great capture of great light at a beautiful place
wow perfect timing for that photo its magnificent
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