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#AlbumTheme: High Dynamic Range Photographs
#landscapephotography , #hdrphotography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs...People either love it or hate it and some just mute the post when they hear about HDR :-))). Most obvious use of HDR is to manage extreme tonal range as seen in the image from Grand Canyon.

The question often come up "When is it necessary to manage tonal?" In today's world it is more often than we would like. I have used iHDR workflow (manual blending workflow developed by +Varina Patel and I) to capture images in total Darkness with light painting, during middle of afternoon at Yellowstone & Glacier, to photograph birds in Everglades, at Moraine Lake in Canada and the list goes on.

I have arranged first 30 images in this album to showcase High Dynamic Range images. How many would you have recognized at being a high dynamic range images?

Here is a brief overview of iHDR workflow:

Enjoy & Share.
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some for me, Grand Canyon is already a woooowwww, but you make it more than that
So long as the editing doesn't ruin the realism of the photo, I don't see the issue with it. I mean, its just the Darkroom of the digital age...
+Jack Lawless I am with you. I dont mind it used an Art Form either. After all impressionistic paintings is not how we always see why not HDR as an art?
Agree fully, from Italy, consider that the old way darkroom was already (chemically) trying to enhance the photo; this is only improvement of it
+Fulvio Garofalo Let take film photography...we can easily manipulate dynamic range by dodging and burning. So, why not in Digital Darkroom?
Fully with you, Digital Darkroom is the future (if rightfully applied) it may give new development to photography
HDR has the connotation of being over-processed and unreal looking. I agree that as an art form it has its place. On the other hand as you +Jay Patel use HDR, it brings out the realism that we see with our eyes.

I think most of your images, if you showed them to a lay-person and did not tell them they were HDR, they would not be able to tell.
+Derek Jeffries I will be the first to admit that when done properly I cant tell what is blended and what is not. It will in long run revolutionize the photography as we know it.
Hello +Jay Patel ! I'm at a loss to adequately describe the beauty of your artistic photography capabilities or your extraordinary talent and great eye for the beautiful and interesting. So, I'm just going to say, YOU ROCK!! ;)
+PJ Ammidon In your case it should be HDR = TMW or HDR = Does not compute!! LOL!!

If you ever make it to one of our Beyond Exposure workshops...we reserve a right to your mind. :-)))
Fantastic images +Jay Patel . Will go through them slowly to enjoy and understand the process. Thanks for all the knowledge sharing :)
hahaha definitely does not compute!
yahoo copy picture ....................
From an artistic standpoint, OK. To record life? Nope. Those sights never existed as portrayed. #nophotoshop
I like the work you two have done on your videos. It helps me to feel more connected to your work.
Now this is the way to wake up...
God's creation. How could it possibly not be beautiful.
+Bob Tipton I really dont know. We were just driving around and stopped and took some shots.
It's like make-up: too much and it's all you see; some and it enhances what's already there. It's finding the balance.
wow...!!! im speechles nice view
Our Creator is an Amazing Artist. He has the most Amazing Graciousness. Only experiencing it, can explain this. Be Pro efective.
Whoa for a second I thought I was there!
Like the underwater picture the best
woah! its amazing all the captured pictures you can tak @ the rite moment! beautiful
been to many of those places, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Yellowstone
MoHa I.
Really really awesome ..the best ever
emi ito
nice photo soo pretty
So beautiful!!! Especially the one about Death Valley which just appeared on the Toefl test T_T. So, who moves the enormous rocks?
Awesome!!! Can i use it for my desktop wallpapers? How about two monitors fit? Thank you!!!!
very very nice photographs............................. love them all <3 <3
woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww llllllllooooooooooooollllllllll
Looks unreal. Like is 3D render. Incredible.
Bora U
Amazing what HDR can do!
I agree with Tracy G.....................YOU ROCK!!
Not only do I enjoy perusing the images you both post, but the tips you give on here have literally made me a much better landscape photographer in only a few short months. I wanted to thank you for all your advice and wonderful imagery!!
The photo's are truely beautiful, no one can deny that.
I love the grand canyon (: going hiking all the way down and back u this weekend in one day! Wish me luck!
Wow! For some reason, HDR's that I do never turn out... :(
someone: sooooo pretty!!!!!!! me: are you ok.......SOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!
hey they were wonderful ! thanks for sharing them ...... thanks :) :)
Really awesome blossom... I loved it...:-):-):-)
The human eyes see a much higher EV than film, and are infinitely better than standard digital photography. IMHO HDR more closely reproduces human contrast ratios.
Zahra M
Stunning album
This is my idea of the ideal view of the Grand Canyon!
Whenever I hear "high dynamic range" I think about Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast. I didn't know HDR was an actual photography thing.
I'm a pretty experienced "rank amateur" photographer, but I would like to know how this is accomplished.
it's nice,lovely and very beautiful
This is so beautiful thank u for letting me see bc had u not put this here i would have missed a beautiful sight thank u again it takes me to a place that for some reason i feel ive been
Amazing photos, you highlight the Beauty Mother nature has blessed us with!
Loving the picture it really nice and bright
i like it its cool
AWESOME PHOTOS............
LIKED A LOT......................................
Beauuuutifulll!!!! Can them be use as screen wall paper?
did this dude ^ just ask where the grand canyon is? lol someone tell him its in africa. bryce canyon is way cooler btw..
wow wish i could take photos like that i can only just about take a photo of cola bottles let alone that lol!
mute.....sorry done ......just can't get into HDR
The shots look amazing. Do you get a lot of ghosting with the long exposure and moving objects?
My heart felt great inner pleasure. The photo worth-seeing again___again. So nice eye-cooling. Thnks.
So beautiful..............Love it!!!!!!!
they are amazingly beautiful !
Just came back from two weeks at the grand canyon. This is a great representation of how beautiful she really is. Though in person is always recommended.
Foto bellissime, grazie per aver saputo cogliere questi gioielli della nostra terra e averli condivisi con noi.
Ali WD
i agree Matt Manniso x
I have only taken photos of my i totally love landscape photograpy!!! So Beautiful
It's Very Nice
Another thing to appreciate in the world. Such beauty
another world to us
Really neat pictures. Who took all these?
how in the world did you do that i thought those were only in fairy tales! googoo ga ga. LOL!
Really cool never knew what HDR meant. But now I do!!!!!!! :)$$$
Oh my god! that's so beautiful, so awesome, so cool! How did you get the footage? Must've been pretty hard to. Thanks for sharing!
How does anyone even get soo many nice sceneries?
This is an awesome inspiration to those photographers out there! You're good on capturing the scenic views... Thanks for sharing--
Wonderful album! Thank you for organizing your photos in this way so that people can understand how HDR can be use so beautifully and naturally as you do!
hay jay you realy know your thing .keep on doing whatyou do best
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