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Think about building a minimum viable audience for your business. 
How do you create a content marketing strategy that actually works? Here's where to start ...

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Email marketing is alive and well...if done properly
10 Stats Showing That Email Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever
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"As with many digital tactics, there's always someone proclaiming the imminent death of email marketing. It's "Killers" are said to include social media, instant messaging, mobile apps, and spam. However, it's still here, it's growing and the following data can prove it.

According to eConsultancy's report Email marketing industry Census 2014, US marketers claim that revenue from email marketing has increased proportionately by 28 percent in one years (2013 - 2014)."

Read all in below visual from +Uberflip.

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Go ahead, have another cup of coffee...
11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

Did you know that just smelling coffee can make you less stressed and that drinking a cup can instantly lighten your mood?

Hooray for the endless supply of reasons to drink coffee!

Cheers and happy Friday!

Read all 11 here via +The Huffington Post

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1,you have shares in a coffee plantation
Inspirational quotes just got a facelift: check out Notegraphy, the Instagram for Typography app
Are you a typography fanatic? If so, this...
Four months ago we covered Notegraphy, an Instagram-inspired editing app for creating notes with beautiful typography. At the time it was only available fo

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The biggest lies on the Internet #infographic #funny
True Facts Infography

+Nina Matzat shared a wonderful collection of "true facts," four of them are below.

Each is funny, painful, real, and extremely well put together. The entire collection is well worth seeing:
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The secret to getting lots of people talking about you is NOT mass marketing. It is by talking to the right people -- one-to-one.
You want to grow your business, right? You want downloads of your app, people buying your products, readers on your blog, and evangelists on social media, don’t you? Fair enough, that’s what we all want. But you’re missing something essential. People won’t ever know you, hear from you, understand you, follow you, or engage with[ Continue Reading... ]

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What wearables could be...
If the Apple iWatch could have all my notifications & sending iMessages & emails, I wouldn't need a phone anymore

To be honest, if the coming Apple iWatch could have all my notifications, and an easy way to reply and send iMessages and emails, then I wouldn't need a phone anymore. I have the iPad Air always with me, it's so light and thin, so easy to cary with me. And I never do calls, two calls last year, none this year yet, and if I really need to make a call, I just find/borrow a phone somewhere to make it.

#apple #iwatch

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The future of rocket flight is here (and cool drone footage too)!

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Google Analytics changes some terms: visits are now called sessions... 
Google Analytics Changes Terminology

Google Analytics has quietly changed the terminology they use within the reports to change what they call "_visits_" and "_unique visitors."

Now, visits are "_sessions" and unique visitors are "_users_."

Nothing else seems to have changed.

ht +Barry Schwartz and +Nikhil Raj 

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Making the Grade: Social Media gets an A in the classroom
3 ways professors are using social media to better higher education: #highered
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Since 2007, Jay Oatway has led Hong Kong in social media reach and influence. With more than 100,000 followers worldwide and an online influence score in the top percentile, Jay has been dubbed “Hong Kong’s answer to Twitter royalty” by Marketing magazine.

Jay was also named one of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in 2012 and in 2013.

With a focus on social media's impact on business and the way we interact with each other, Jay provides social media training on how to tell stories that captivate, how to grow communities that matter, and how to cultivate online influence that delivers results.

Working as both a tech-journalist and digital strategist in Hong Kong since 1997, Jay has become a leading independent social media authority, speaking extensively to businesses about harnessing the power of the new digital tools.

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