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Dragonboard 410c H.264 HW video decode seems to max out at Main Profile, no High Profile capability 😟

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Oooo, really looking forward to this one. Nice to know that not all the good movies are in the summer.

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If you're an iOS developer in the SF Bay Area, you should be going to iOSDevCamp this weekend.

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I've always been amused/annoyed with those who oppose Marriage Equality on the grounds that equality will somehow be confusing to children. Anyone who's spent more than five minutes with kids recognizes the fallacy of this argument. Still, this scare tactic was effective during the Proposition 8 campaign in California. Too bad this video wasn't available during the campaign to counter that nonsense.

The obvious message the kid comes away with after meeting a husband & husband: "So that means you love each other!"

Update: It appears the video has been taken off YouTube. +James Rowley found it here:

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Anyone in (or near) San Francisco that has an interest in learning more about the SproutCore JavaScript framework, there are still open spots at this month's SproutCore Meetup. The Meetup is tomorrow, July 12.

If you want to learn more about SproutCore, but you're not in the SF Bay Area, there's also a remote version (likely via WebEx). See

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SF bacon lovers! Check out the new bacon food truck, Bacon Bacon SF. Today was their first day, and I had their burger. Awesome. Great beef, great bun, and of course, great bacon. Pretty good launch for their first day, but they were having some trouble with their fryer, so I didn't get to have fries with my burger, and they didn't have their desserts yet. I'm looking forward to next time so I can try out the chocolate covered bacon strip.

Check out their menu:

Their website is a placeholder right now: , so Twitter is probably the best way to find out when and where they'll be:
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