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USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards
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Felt it here in NJ. Was freaky seeing the walls sort of swaying like that.
Yeah, and you're a little further up the coast. Double ripple. Blinds and stuff moving. Never felt an earthquake before.
New to me too, at least one that was even noticeable. Seems like it went on for about 15 to 20 seconds, started off slow, peaked then dropped off. Thankfully not enough to break anything.
Just remembered my ex is in Virginia with my daughters.
I hope my kids are safe.
It was very subtle here in NC - thought someone was just banging their foot on the cube wall.
I almost told one of my office mates to stop pushing on my cube all.. Then someone else asked if it was him or something was going on.
I thought someone had backed a car into one of the townhouses but it felt like they weren't just hitting it but trying to bulldoze in a low gear. Of course, I'm on sand landfill in a swamp, so...
Felt it in cincinnati... the entire 4th floor did. People were about to start running for the stairs.
Yeah, I went outside. The house falling is less of an issue than if I'm on the 2nd floor.
Felt it here in SC. Gentle, but definitely noticeable.
Roof falling would be baaaad. I'm in a building housing a data center. Very heavy things on the roof.
Now customers are writing in asking for status and impact on our operations. Status is what we all walked for a few minutes and are talking about the earthquake. Otherwise not a damn thing in NJ thankfully.
Up on the 15th Floor of 1 Chase Manhattan Plz - about a block off of Wall St. We felt it. Everyone kind of looked at each other to see if they were the only ones.
+Mike DeAngelo That's essentially how we established there was actually a quake going on.. then started moving towards doorways in case things decided to get out of hand. :)
Isn't that somebody's birthday?