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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, Star Trek Continues - Episode 8, "Still Treads the Shadow." I just watched it & if you ever wondered what happened to ......................................................... on the original series, well now you'll know. I am HIGHLY impressed with the hard work of the actors/actresses & effects staff. Thank You for the story, graphics, action, & well without giving away too much ALL the HARD work that everyone put into this episode. EVERYTIME I watch this series, it just gets better & better.

#startrekcontinues #startrek 

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ATTN: WELD Food Bank 1108 H St, Greeley, CO 80631 (970) 356-2199

I've been in there many times & almost everytime they have been understaffed & mostly treated me well. However this time (Fri. Dec. 16, 2016 @ 1:12P) it was standing room only & only 1 person was working behind the counter / back area to help people get EMERGENCY food boxes. I went to the front / main office to ask for more help, NO ONE except a man in a office refusing to answer the bell on the counter for assistance. It seems there's been a decline in the way things are managed. I know they receive lots of donations from people and Oil & Gas companies which means it must be poor management. I don't blame the volunteers, they have almost always been wonderful & should be commended for putting up with obvious management issues & desperate people in need of food. The choices of management personnel should be re-evaluated !!!

UPDATE: Revisited (Dec. 22, 2016) & it was SUPER fast & pleasant.

#WELD #Food #Bank #WELDFoodBank #weldfoodbank #heynext 

Today [@ Old Chicago 2349 W 29th St, Greeley, CO 80631] (ThanksGiving 2016) they have a FREE (Donations preferred) Turkey meal. Come one, come ALL & enjoy the WONDERFUL volunteers & food.

#oldchicago #Greeley #Colorado #FREE #thanksgiving 

CONFIRMED!!! Frack Quake in WELD county Colorado around 09:55 AM. Felt by Greeley residents & Weld County Police dispatch (911). If it's such a safe & regulated industry, why can't they even inject properly!!!!! ENOUGH FRACKING!!!!

#fracking #oil #gas #WELD #drilling #Greeley #Colorado 

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O2 sensor change 87 Suzuki Samurai


ATTENTION CBS broadcast network !!!!! REALLY!?!?!?!? You wanted NOTHING to do with the "Star Trek" series' made by fans, only trying to further Gene Roddenberry's dream of uniting the universe in exploration of the unknown, until they began making WONDERFUL shows & films (such as "Star Trek Continues", "Star Trek Renegades", etc.) & making just enough for production / actors funded by donations & investors. WELL CBS, SUPPORT THEM, PICK UP THE SHOWS OR LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!!!! You're only making new policies against these shows/films because you feel they're either making too much money (And NOT paying your crap to you for that which you DO NOT deserve) or it's becoming SO FAMOUS that you're pisst-off that these actors/investors want NOTHING to do with the LOCKED-IN contract crap with you ONLY which totally defeats Gene Roddenberry's ideals behind this series! CBS, you are indeed acting like the out-of-control corporation that people are getting fed up with. CBS, DON'T be as stupid as FOX network & the whole Star Wars series situation. EMBRACE the fans, CHERISH them & SHOW your support by investing in them or even picking them up & giving them the chance to fly or fall (i.e. Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space 9, Star Trek Voyager, etc.) CBS, you need to think of the possibilities, NOT just the lost revenue!!!!!     

#CBS #StarTrek #startrekcontinues #CBSNetwork #StarTrekrenegades #CBSTV  

OMG!!!! Just watched the NEW Star Trek Continues Episode 6 "Come Not Between the Dragons" & I have to say, "Academy Awards all around" for (Plot, Actors / Actresses, Directing, effects & more). They ALL deserve a GREAT Thanks that even the Late gene roddenberry would've been proud of. I'm VERY proud to be a supporter.   SHAME on CBS for not picking this series back up!!!!!

  #startrekcontinues #startrek #continues #comenotbetweenthedragons  

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87 Suzuki Samurai EGR system at high altitude

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SO TRUE & high time somebody put it together.  

QUOTED from Carl B. Erickson :
"CRED (Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development) is launching another campaign of lies, this time they are trying to get folks to believe the Rule Making Process with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Governor’s Task Force were a resounding success! I guess if you are a driller it was a success, NO NEW RULES WITH ANY TEETH, and LEGISLATION THAT DIED IN THE SENATE. And the rules accepted apply to less than 1% of drilling in Colorado and of course the industry can opt out (apply for exemptions) any damn time they feel it is not cost effective to protect the health and welfare of the residents in the state where they are drilling.

And they haven’t stopped airing the most inCREDable lie ‘FRACKING HAS BEEN DONE SAFELY FOR 65 YEARS’.If your vision of safety includes 110 deaths per year average (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) number not including inhalation of VOC and or Hydrocarbon deaths),cluster earthquakes of 1 to 6 magnitude (USGS),traffic deaths involving Oil and Gas Support Vehicles Spike in Drilling areas(joint investigation by the Houston Chronicle and Houston Public Media News 88.7), tank explosions (you live in Colorado you see them first hand!), and an increase in police action and drug use (ask the Greeley Tribune). Yeah as safe as horse ride across the steppes with Attila the Hun (life expectancy 23 years), or a CoolAide party with Jim Jones...pour me another glass of that CoolAide Reverend, or should that be pour me another glass of that Fracking Fluid Governor?"  
#CRED #fracking #colorado #USGS #oilandgas #drilling #NIOSH #GreeleyTribune  

OK, I HAVE to say this. I've been watching these Oil & Gas industry commercials, here in Colorado, with people that work in the industry speaking about how they protect the environment with the strictest of standards & safe conditions. All while walking, jogging or displaying beautiful sceneries. I have also lived in Colorado for over 15 years & have been to or seen the places they advertise. Well, here's the truth (in my experience & opinion) these companies are flat out lairs!!! They ONLY have to report what they want to the state / commission & if they report no injuries than there are no injuries. They are advertising in NON-FRACKING / Drilling areas & locations that have bans or heavy restrictions against it. And MOST if not all of those people in the Ads live in those Frack-Free / Drill-free zones & have NO idea the REAL-LIFE impact on economies, roads, environment, destruction & lives!!!!!  I live in WELD county where the smell of cattle (originally farm fields) has changed to chemical smells, Silica particles (KNOWN to be harmful to life), burn-off stacks, ugly oil pits, frack trucks, LOUD workers & worker vehicles, explosions, fires, illegal dumpings, HEAVILY damaged roads, contaminated drinking wells directly related to or paid off by, Out-of-state vehicles here for years NOT paying local Reg. taxes, rental properties designed for single families actually housing 5-15 rig workers & so much more. You can't miss any of this as you drive down just about any road in this county. It's undeniable!!!!! I REALLY HATE having to side with environmentalists but ALL the evidence is boldly in front of EVERYONE's eyes. But VERY HARD to see when your eyes are filled with GREEN dollar signs & the proof is there too. The real story is that these workers wouldn't be out of jobs if we changed to Solar, Hydro, etc because welders, builders, rig workers are ALL needed to assemble & build solar farms, hydro dams & wind gen farms in fields that could get back to safe well water for farms growing & using RENEWABLE energies. That is of course assuming they still have safe well water after being fracked....... TO DEATH!!!!  NOONE can deny the FACT that fracturing causes cracks in the ground which causes vibrations, earthquakes, leaks etc. & we ALL KNOW cracks are designed to allow fluid to flow. That's why when we have a crack in an engine, brick wall, bathtub, etc. we have to seal it or else it leaks water / fluid causing damage, or even worse, DEATH. PLEASE, by ALL means, research for yourself. The truth is out there & think about it, fossil fuels are LIMITED & are designed by nature to explode causing gases KNOWN dangerous to life, NO way around that either. Therefore the oil & gas industry is just as dangerous as whale hunting (OIL), LEAD poisoning, Asbestos, Coal & ALL just as extinct OR SOON to be. IF we are a truly an advanced race, PROVE IT!!!!     #Fracking    #solar   #environment   #drilling   #election2016   #money   #oilandgas   #hydroelectric   #wind   #fossilfuels   #WELDcounty   #colorado  
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