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Meet the Google Glass Team!

I found a cool little easter egg with Glass. If you go to Settings -> Device info -> View licenses, wait for the license file to open and then tap the touchpad 9 times (you'll hear an audible beep increasing in pitch each time), you'll get a chance to meet the Google Glass team in an awesome panorama shot! Here are the screenshots I captured. #throughglass   #glassexplorers
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Hey Jay, :-) congrats on finding the picture. Let me know you're on campus next time. Hope you'll enjoy Glass!
Great find! Just wondering, what GRID # were you?
I'm curious to know if these were taken with a Google Glass unit.
Jay Lee
+Dustin Doiron #306

+Quentyn Kennemer I don't think so. There's no panorama shot mode in the Glass Explorer Edition that I've found yet. When I looked straight down it was some sort of a tripod. I'm guessing it was a mounted Nexus 4.
Congrats to Peter Malkin for being an impeccably well dressed software engineer.
That's awesome! Welcome to engadget!
So cool!!! One lucky guy with Google Glass. Good to see it.
Nice! I love the head-tracking. I want more...
Very Nice! I will have one Google Glass!
but the test is not in germany right now?!
i hope to get one, when the Testing arrives Germany. i hope...
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