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I realize that with innovative products like Glass, the experience is more important than the hardware specs. And the experience is pretty incredible! Having said that, it's Friday, I'm a geek and it's still awesome to nerd out on the guts. +Liam McLoughlin (Hexxeh) also found the USB debugging setting and got ADB working (looks like it was broken on my primary machine). Once I got it working I pulled up some details about Glass. Key points are:

* It's running Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich - just as Larry Page said
* It's an OMAP 4430 CPU - Dual Core? - Having trouble finding exact mhz
* There's 682mb of RAM (678052kb reported in /proc/meminfo). Kernel messages lead me to believe it's actually 1gb but some is being used for other hardware purposes(?)

If you know Android pretty well and have additional questions on the Hardware or Glass OS you'd like answered (and know the commands that will answer them), feel free to post in the comments and I'll see what I can do.
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I'm interested in "reading the Matrix" as it were - logcat of various things happening, boot up, incoming message, sharing to a contact, etc. (but I can wait til I get mine ;)
We guessed this last summer. It's a WiFi only Galaxy Nexus, basically. It is nice for 100% confirmation though. Thanks +Jay Lee
+Jay Lee Can you do a cat /proc/partitions and dd /system and /data for me :)
Jay Lee
$ cat /proc/partitions
major minor  #blocks  name

 179        0   15552512 mmcblk0
 179        1        128 mmcblk0p1
 179        2        256 mmcblk0p2
 179        3        512 mmcblk0p3
 179        4        256 mmcblk0p4
 179        5       8192 mmcblk0p5
 179        6       8192 mmcblk0p6
 179        7    1048576 mmcblk0p7
 259        0     786432 mmcblk0p8
 259        1   13699584 mmcblk0p9
 179       16       2048 mmcblk0boot1
 179        8       2048 mmcblk0boot0

The dd runs will need to wait, it'd take unlock/root and I'm just not brave enough to do that though I think +Liam McLoughlin was going to try and do a dump.
+Jay Lee Fair enough. How about some friendly directory outputs from /system/app and /data/app? No harm in doing an LS :) You don't even need root!
Usually (not always) there is a simple relationship between bogomips and MHz. bogomips is computed by incrementing in a VERY tight assembly loop. Given those numbers I would guess either 600MHz or 1.2GHz.

Do these exist on the glass? Whats there contents?
+Kevin Fitch It was speculated last year that it's the same SoC from the Galaxy Nexus and that Google was going to crank down the CPU from 1.2GHZ to increase battery life.
+Jay Lee I see you have made the Engadget news feed twice with your discoveries :)
Hi +Jay Lee , which number did you get from last year's conference on your block?  I'm 399 and just trying to estimate when I'll get the order email.  Thanks man.
OMAP4 is what I expected, it's the reference processor for Android 4 and OMAP4 is best optimized for wearable computing because the RAM is POP on top of the CPU. I expect the microdisplay to be a 320x240 resolution one, just because maybe that's cheaper to mass produce and sell this soon at $299 on the mass market. I think the battery capacity is way too low, they need to fit 4x to 5x larger battery capacity, connected to it over your other ear and also hanging on the back of your head. It needs to be able to last a few hours of use at least.
+Jay Lee is there any way to tell if its a full android stack? Seems like they wouldn't need everything.... 
from your dmesg, these lines are very interesting
<3>[    3.783020] init: cannot find '/system/etc/', disabling 'flash_recovery'
<6>[    3.785339] omap-rproc omap-rproc.1: Loaded BIOS image ducati-m3.bin, size 6360096
<3>[    3.835113] init: cannot find '/system/bin/raft', disabling 'raft'
1G RAM true

<5>[    0.000000] Kernel command line: console=ttyFIQ0,115200n8 mem=1024M vmalloc=768M androidboot.console=ttyFIQ0 androidboot.carrier=wifi-only product_type=w cpuidle_sysfs_switch androidboot.serialno=015D98410B01C016 androidboot.macaddr=f8:8f:ca:24:3f:91 androidboot.bdaddr=f8:8f:ca:24:3f:92
Does glass have IR remote control support? Maybe its a way to autofocus or remote shutting down glass via IR signals. The IR signals could be read via the camera. Example, its a public even. If the area is lighted up with a particular IR signal, glass will not switch on its camera?

Reason IR support is loaded:

<6>[    2.045104] i2c /dev entries driver
<6>[    2.045776] lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 245
<6>[    2.045928] IR NEC protocol handler initialized
<6>[    2.045989] IR RC5(x) protocol handler initialized
<6>[    2.046142] IR RC6 protocol handler initialized
<6>[    2.046203] IR JVC protocol handler initialized
<6>[    2.046295] IR Sony protocol handler initialized
<6>[    2.046417] IR RC5 (streamzap) protocol handler initialized
<6>[    2.046508] IR LIRC bridge handler initialized
Can you kindly check if the hardware also includes sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, etc?
I think it will be very interesting if you'll upload the /system/app for little RE :)
B Brown
I can't wait.
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