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Jay Izso
National Award Winning Business Author, Professional Speaker, Founder of Internet Doctor®
National Award Winning Business Author, Professional Speaker, Founder of Internet Doctor®

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5 facts on why NOT investing in snapchat probably saved my marriage.

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Want to see how humans are like sheep? How they are easily lured to buy things that they don't even need or want? Check this video out. People purchasing not because it is great, because it is a trend. smh. #internetdoctor   #peoplearesheep  

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Three Reasons We Just Do NOT Care About Twitter

As Twitter continues to sink in the stock market, get passed by newer social networks, and struggles to get new truly "active" users, at the end of it all, do we really care?

Answer is probably not.

If Twitter were to close shop right now, the only people that would be up in arms is the news media, the celebrity, and the athlete. For the rest of the average internet user...we wouldn't miss fact...we may welcome Twitter going "bye bye".

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Dirty Politics or Dirty Social Media Use?

The Ted Cruz vs. Ben Carson Social Media Timeline

I am not a political analyst. I am also not endorsing any candidate, political party, or ideology.

However, I will point out that social media has played a role, is playing a role, and will continue to play a role in this election process.

While social media can be a powerful tool to influence people. What we learned from social media in this case of Ted Cruz vs Ben Carson, it can point out some of the sadness of human behavior.

In this case how selective attention, lack of due diligence, and confirmation bias leads to manipulate others through social media.

Enjoy the read...and as always please share!


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Twitter Stock continues to drop...not just the price, their executives and users too

What more can be said. As long as Jack Dorsey ignores the average person and caters to the famous, the athlete, the celebrity, and the news media, the platform is going to continue to struggle.

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North Carolina gets really cold sometimes but it's also beautiful #throughglass

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Don’t waste your breath on fools,
for they will despise the wisest advice.

How much breath have you "wasted" trying to help someone who ignores it or behaviorally demonstrates that your advice was worthless by doing nothing.? The fact is we all get a specific number of breaths in a lifetime. To waste any of them is precious.

There is something to be said about knowing your audience. Sometimes we get in such a hurry to help people that quite frequently we have not paid attention whether someone can be helped. Perhaps they are not coachable, teachable, or really want to change. You can know the difference, because they have a history of acting behaviorally on instruction.

So before you start giving your precious words of wisdom, save your breath and make sure you are talking to the right people first. You will truly be helping others and helping yourself at the same time. #Izsoisms

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Twitter Stock Tumbles...and the Majority of Users do not Care

Probably the majority of Twitter lovers didn't see this coming. However, any platform where "para-social" contact is the norm versus human contact is going to be a problem. This isn't the lowest this stock will will keep dropping as long as Jack Dorsey focuses on reaction versus...wait for it...interaction.

The fact is the majority of internet users just do not care if that little bird is deceased and is thrown on the junk pile along with MySpace.

Look I am a Twitter user. I have an okay following, but if it were gone is not like I would be missing anything. If anything it would allow me to focus on platforms that give me a far better return of my investment of time, offer far more interaction, and are less time consuming especially trying to appeal to the right followers.


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Twitter is Crashing and Burning! What Jack Needs to Understand...

Let's face it Twitter stock is below $20 and it doesn't look like the drop is over...

The platform needs a transformation...but it is not going to happen by allowing 10,000 needs a cultural overhaul.

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5 Secrets that Will Better Ensure You Meet Your Goals

This is the time of year that most people set goals and make resolutions. However, the vast majority of people fail. Well there has been a great deal of research on the subject of goal setting. Here are 5 of those tips in this video.

Please watch and share!
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