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"It's only hubris if I fail" - Julius Caesar"Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire" - Unknown
"It's only hubris if I fail" - Julius Caesar"Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire" - Unknown

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This would be madness by Milan. Not just selling this kid, but to Inter?! 😦

I'll tell you this though, if Milan are selling, there will be a bidding war across Europe for Donnarumma. He's looking like a generational talent. 

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Yep, I got it like that. You're welcome guys! 😉

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Ronaldinho taking the piss out of our old men today. I hate Barca out of obligation, but I can never hate Dinho. Even at 37, he makes the game look easy. This fucking guy... Lol

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Another one for the lolz. 😂

So this just happened... 

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Two articles here on the same topic, and both outline a potentially ludicrous plan of action by Perez. Yes, de Gea is substantially better this season than Navas (who's - in convinced - still yet to fully recover from his off-season Achilles injury), but I can't get behind the price tag/transfer arrangements being reported.

This year, Navas has averaged 1.22 goals against, whereas de Gea is averaging a much better 0.75 goals against. De Gea wins in terms of quality, hands down.

De Gea is not worth €75 million. He's not better than Buffon, Oblak, or Neuer (easily the three best keepers on the planet), and he actually gives up more goals per game (0.75) than Hugo Lloris (0.69). Out of these big keepers mentioned, de Gea is 5th best... That can't possibly justify such a massive price tag. For comparison, Juve paid Parma €53 million for Buffon back in '01... He was just 23. De Gea is 26 - still young for a keeper, but surely he is what he is at this point. There's not going to be a ton of improvement on the horizon.

So far, I've only discussed money and stats, but there's another angle being floated here that just blows my mind. According to the Daily Star, Perez is also willing to throw in one of the following players on top of the already preposterous transfer fee - Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, or Karim Benzema... Let that sink in for a minute - Perez has put two of his most influential - and world class - midfield players up for auction, just to reduce the team's goals per game average by 0.47. I'll give you guys each of these player's current value, as calculated by

Benzema - age: 29 value: €60 million

Given how rubbish he's been this season, I'm baffled by this valuation, but hey, these guys know their stuff, so who am I to argue?

Kroos - age: 27 value: €60 million

I have no problem with this market value at all. Kroos is durable, reliable, versatile, and has one of the best midfield skill sets on earth.

Modric - age: 31 value: €45 million

He's a brilliant player, but he's also getting old and starting to pick up injuries. I think this valuation is fair, but it doesn't take into account hours actual on-pitch value to the team which - in my opinion - is almost immeasurable at times.

Now that's three players, each with a transfer value over €40 million. If Perez is willing to include one of them in a de Gea transfer deal, we're looking at a combined transfer value of over €135 million... FOR A KEEPER!! I'm sorry, but there's not a shot-stopper on earth who's worth that much. For that price, I'd expect 25+ clean sheets a season (at least 11 more than de Gea has currently).

The point in me saying all this is the following - Perez is insane... De Gea is good, but not this good. For €135 million, Real could buy in at least two world class players, without having to give up anyone in the current squad. Should Benzema be on his way out? That's debatable, but I think he should be, but if he's going to go, the club needs to bring in a direct replacement like Dybala. Nothing about this reported transfer sits well with me, and only serves to reinforce my belief that Perez knows about as much about football as a sponge. 😒

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I'll just leave this here. Doing it for the (ironic) lolz. 😂

Really good win by the "B Team" today. I don't know if Depor are really that bad, or if our squad is that good, but if it's the latter, I dare say that my comments regarding Sunday's train wreck are even more poignant. Isco bossed the game ,driving the team forward with flair ,creativity ,and poise, and despite missing enough sitters to have netted a quad, Morata showed why he's a better option than Benzema with his constant movement, good decisions, and unselfish play. The team played as a unit today, instead of a a collection of high-priced individuals. Marcelo captained the side well, and never let them get rattled when Depor pulled a goal back at 2-1. I'm not sure Ramos would have been so calm and collected.

Honestly, every time I've seen this "second team" play together, they impress me more than our starting XI. Granted, the names aren't as big, and the moments aren't as flashy, but this young group of players is exactly what I want to see - talented and unselfish guys, giving their all to both put on a show and do their jobs without complaint.

James really showed me something today too... After being relegated to the bench due to poor work ethic and attitude issues, he's stepped up and performed recently. He showed that he can be a valuable player for us moving forward if he can keep up this mentality.

A good win today after a disappointing weekend, but a win that raises a lot of questions regarding team selection, as every player who was left out of Sunday's action, showed up and played well. It was also great to see Varane back on the pitch. Much needed. 

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This dude needs to suck it up and be thankful that he's only been suspended for 18 months. Pete Rose - an American baseball player - has been banned from the sport for life due to his gambling activity, so Barton is getting off light.

He's also trying to make a completely illegitimate point that the Prem has betting houses as sponsors. So the fuck what? Those sponsorships are to generate money for the league, and money for the bookies who are taking fan bets. I'm pretty sure that player contracts contain pretty clear language regarding players and betting. Barton ignored that language, and has to accept his punishment.

He's also trying to make the "product of environment" excuse for himself - saying that his "upbringing fostered a penchant for gambling"?? Sorry bruv, but you're 34 years old. You're old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, so you can't blame the people you grew up with for your choice to gamble.

You've been a scumbag for a very, very long time, and the FA has been extremely lenient with you. This ban is simply a small comeuppance for you, and you need to own that. You're a rubbish player, a rubbish human being, and apparently also rubbish at betting. Here's some advice - if you want to bet on a sport you play, find yourself a patsy to place the bets for you. It's much harder to trace that paper trail. Fucking toss pot. 

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To be fair - and so nobody thinks I'm just sandbagging Hazard - this isn't world class either. I'm sorry, but when you take 3 seasons to score 51 goals, that averages out to 17 per season. That's not a world class striker. 
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