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For dave and brett
Using the binary code translator above you can translate ASCII text (letters, words, sentences, whatever) to binary numbers easy to share with others.

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A good reminder for all that truly have a vision, a dream, or life work that is bigger than the person--- For me it's changing health care through corrective chiropractic and ‪#‎ChiropracticBioPhysics‬ or ‪#‎CBPTechnique‬. When you run into those that want to debunk, derail or say negative things about your pursuit or just condemn you in an attempt to make themselves 'appear' bigger-better, just follow this picture:
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Jay Alexander Hafner

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Yes, I've always thought of you as the third horseman of the apocalypse. :)

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Just some more of the pop art I've done (from cheaply modifying the hard, hard work of others)

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REVIEW: Portsmouth 1745 is a nice, big, satisfying campaign for CG. It was originally slated to be several books and I am happy it is all-in- one.

It starts with some very much needed "Assumptions," which sets the minimum and maximums for character ability scores at the start.  There are some new character options: names, new backgrounds, and new profession, study and trade emphases. Two new types of magic are introduced: Herbalism and Louisiana Voodoo. New spells are also introduced.

In addition to the new spells and Dark magic, is the concept of Corruption. I was very happy to see this added to the system, as I believe it is a fun addition to the other mechanics of the game.

The time period starts during King George's War in 1744. This is 10 years before the Seven Years' War (aka French and Indian war). It is a brilliant time period to use as the French and British are still very much equals in a significantly wilder interior of the country.

It is set in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is significant as much of King George's War takes place in Acadia (Nova Scotia).

When it comes to the Gazetteer, it has one of my favorite evolved elements of game design:  regional maps with each area described. Each area also has sub adventures referenced conveniently. In the PDF version, these are linked digitally, which shows some effort of care for the GM and actual play.

The NPCs each have a "Viginette", which tells how and why the NPC is related to what the PCs are doing; rather than just what the NPC is up to.

There are are a few plot point adventures and methods to get the PCs to Portsmouth and jobs for them when they get there.  Then, it gets right into the timeline and adventures, which have a progression, but can occur in any order. Additional adventures are broken down into "low level" and "mid-level" adventures.  The adventures come out as about a page each and are nice and concise. As a regular writer of adventures and prior editor of adventures, I can see that these are written for concise utility and were probably playtested out as part of the authors campaign.

Next is a section on three Native American tribes and a dozen new creatures of the Bestiary of the area with handy stat blocks.

Overall, this is a huge book of adventures with a good storyline linking them.  My PDF copy is 213 pages and a great value.
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+Jeremy Smith agreed.
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I mean really..where do you even stab this guy? ..and forget the club attack already.

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Colonial Gothic:  Which side are you on???
As much as i appreciate beautiful girls, youve got a huge number if spam members about to unleash on us...

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Do we have a moderator?
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Discovered by Juan Ponce de León on April 2, 1513, Florida has always been at the center of disputes. Landing on the peninsula's east coast, Juan claimed the land in the name of King Charles I and Spain, and named it La Pasua Florida, or Flowery Easter. Though many explorers and Spanish ship ...

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Hi Everyone Today's post is a continuation of of my "How to make Dungeon Tiles" series. For part one in this series. explaining how to make your master, please follow the link above. For the second...
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