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Using Google+ to check in at the Google+ stage at lollapalooza. How meta. 

On the Senate floor on Monday, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said, “People on the right are upset. People on the left are upset. People in the middle are upset.” But he called it a “remarkable agreement which will protect the long-term health of our economy.”

So, everyone hates this wonderful idea. Lovely.

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Setlist from Death Cab for Cutie, 7/27/11 in Columbus :D

I will posses your heart
The new year
We laugh indoors
Crooked teeth
Doors unlocked and open
Long division
Grapevine fires
Codes and keys
What Sarah said
I'll follow you into the dark
Title track
You are a tourist
Underneath the sycamore
Title and registration
Movie script ending
Soul meets body
Stay young, go dancing
The sound of settling
Home is a fire
Expo 86
Marching bands of manhattan

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The odd shared sense that there’s three-dimensionality and immersion and real-world consequences on the Web as in no book or board game — that’s the Web’s sine qua non. Hence, cyber*space*. And “being on” the Internet.

-Virginia Heffernan

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Splitscreen: a love story

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Google+ is suggesting I add myself to my circles. I'm afraid it'll blow the speakers.

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