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Jay Elem
Sometimes known as Jimmy, sometimes fiver22. I linux and music and cats and island.
Sometimes known as Jimmy, sometimes fiver22. I linux and music and cats and island.

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Richard Adams is dead, O Discordia, O lost!

It looks like a unit (3CN) of the French Gendarmerie seized some servers hosting data related to one of the largest and most well maintained collections of music I've ever known.

It was an amazing resource used almost exclusively by the most die hard fans of music; the kind of people who spend stupid amounts of money on stereo equipment, CDs, digital downloads, vinyl, concert tickets, t-shirts, posters... more impressive to me is the amount of time most members would spend learning about audio quality, transcoding, digital formats, spectrum analysers, etc. This is a guess, but I'd bet that the user base of the collection was 70% hard-core music-geek, maybe 10% musician, the rest were likely a mix of regular fans and folks who were in it mostly for the community aspect.

Every one of them a thief. For some reason every one of those people were members, users, and contributors to a site that let them obtain music without paying money for it.

Something drew fans and musicians alike to this place; Not paying money for music was a big part of it, I'm sure; but I'm just as sure that the members of the site were also, the biggest cash cows the music industry has ever known. And the music industry (and their siblings) won't stop attacking them.

I don't envision, or want, some bong-inspired future where music is free. Musicians need and deserve to get paid. Engineers need and deserve to get paid. Roadies, accountants, lawyers, caterers, managers, producers -they all need and deserve to be paid for the work they do.
I know that attacking their customers is stupid and wrong.
I know that the next time I want to buy an album I will have to jump through hoops to make sure that the money I pay doesn't go towards attacking fans in the future -which mostly means only paying music directly to musicians. All of this makes it harder for me to discover and pay for music.

I'm sure there are flaws in some of my arguments, I'm sure there is another perspective, I'm sure I made some spelling mistakes.

tl;dr: O Discordia.

Text and background colours in web design.
I am not a web designer; I'm not a designer of any kind. If you saw me on the street you would never think "now THAT is a fashion savvy gentleman. If i believed that tone-deafness was really a thing I would probably tell you that I have the visual aesthetic equivalent of tone-deafness. So you should feel free to be skeptical of my opinion.
Dark backgrounds with light text is can bad thing. Maybe there are ways to do it effectively I KNOW there are ways to do it and would GUESS it has something to do with the ...amount of contrast between the bg and text.
My main issue I have is the 'burn-in' effect/hallucination/illusion -read a few paragraphs of white (or very light) text on a black background and then jump over to a page with the more popular dark text on light background; you'll likely experience the illusion of 'banding' -what looks like alternating white and dark bands that seem to drift slightly. I'm sure there are technical terms that describe this illusion -and I'd bet that psychologists, ophthalmologists, and/or neurologists could explain the cause of this phenomenon -all to say that my terminology is provably way off but I'm pretty sure that the phenomenon is a common one -common enough that it's worth considering when designing a page. i AVOID sites that cause this effect -or, at least, I groan when a search leads me to a page that uses a very dark background with light text.
It's worth mentioning that I'm not against this because of nostalgia, or because I believe that old ways are the best ways. There's a trend going on now to make dark themes available for UIs -especially n mobile apps. I LIKE this trend and when available I set or configure UIs to darker colours; I often find darker UI elements EASIER on my eyes. It might be relevant that besides being moderately near-sighted, my eyes are 40 years old.
I have noticed that VERY dark blacks (I know, black is black) are often less ...pleasant than matte black or dark grey.
I'm pretty sure that web designers -or anyone who is interested in visual aesthetics of text knows of the 'light text on dark background' issue -I bet there's even a specific term used for this problem. I'm not talking to design professionals or enthusiasts. I'm talking to regular jane or joe who, once in a while, designs a site, page, or blog with function in mind; or to those you who hears crap like "Oh, Jane is really good at computers; let's get her to design our website!". (I feel ya, Jane).
blah, blah, end of monthly rant.
tl;dr: If you're not a designer, be careful of dark backgrounds with light text.

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Cool beans.

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"CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE DEPENDENCIES: library "" not found" -seeing it when trying to run a few packages as root:
'find' results in;
'rsync' results in;
'gdb' says it can't find
'less' gives; '
(apt also fails saying not found, but i wasn't sure if that was by design or not)

I've seen a few posts here regarding similar issues that were resolved by update or by running 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/lib'. My termux is up to date and the export command doesn't resolve the issue in the cases mentioned -the export command appears to succeed in so far as there is no error or output.
I'm happy to provide any additional info that might be relevant.

Looking for any information on what else i can do to try and resolve it.

Fantastic tool by the way -an app that consistently surprises and impresses me. Thanks.

Running 5.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S5 (canadian variant G900W8). It's rooted (systemless root) but not running custom ROM.

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m0nster makes me make music and calls it laptop porn (tell me that copper ain't vulgar) #pauvre.phenom

Great app. 2 requests:
1) increase limit above 300 -I'm betting anyone seeking out your app is looking for something capable of showing results beyond 300.
2) introduce a graphical advanced search that uses some regexp and/or options similar to common findutils options.

Just started using AndroSearch and it's great. 

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missing a cat/kitten? seen near leinster st (parking lot of 55 leinster -the big apartment bldng ) on sept 22nd 2015 in uptown saint john. very friendly, very vocal, not-neutered male. he's a bit dirty but seems in good health, ears, eyes, nose, etc. seem ok. He clearly has had a home but seems a bit lost and desperate for attention. share this with anyone you care to. contact, if you must,

I really want Prime Minister Harper to lose this election badly; I think he's, at best, not a nice person. I think it's very likely that he's a bad human being. That aside, his style of politics is greasy and hurts Canada.
I say this spend keystrokes to write it down because the next thing I say is gonna sound odd to a lot of people who feel the same way I do about our Prime Minister and his party.
I kinda' want the Liberals to lose this election badly. If the Liberals 'won' or seriously ate into the Conservative majority I'd get a little emotional kick a small spike of satisfaction but I'm pretty sure that soon afterwards I'd just feel sort of 'less beat'. I'd' get to say 'well, at least the Liberals aren't the Conservatives' and go on with my day feeling pretty bummed about the whole mess.
The Liberals could have stood for something -but they didn't. They haven't in a long time. Every time they've had an opportunity to do something exciting or different or meaningful it seems they just limply shuffle a few feet to the right, believing (I guess) that that must be what voters wanted from them.   If they wouldn't oppose C-51 what exactly would they stand against? Add to that the weird lines in the sand that they would draw, the whole Harper-esque 'you must vote this way if you want to be a Liberal] *1'and the awkward floor crossing/photo-ops and I find I can't bring myself to vote for them even strategically.
   Where does that leave me? I honestly don't know for sure; I grew up in a 'Liberal' household and lean left so you'd think I could easily support the NDP. I have in the past -and I was as excited as anyone in the last election to see their gains. But they've become more bland as they've gained votes. I don't expect each candidate -or leader to make some grand gesture of defiance against the status quo but the NDP seem more beige than orange lately. OK, so it must be obvious that I'd support the Green party -they're leftist, a bit of an underdog, and kind of exciting -the leader of the Green party, Elizabeth May, is my favourite federal party leader -and she was the clear 'winner' of the first leaders debate. And here in New Brunswick David Coon seems to be the kind of person I would happily support -but there are many people running for the Green that I wouldn't be all that happy voting for. For every Elizabeth May there seems to be two or three antivaxers. For every David Coon there seems to be more than a few candidates who think nuclear energy kills ~10 million people a year -or that humans never landed on the moon...
maybe that's an exaggeration -maybe there aren't that many 'alternative medicine types' running for, or supporting the Greens. But there are at least enough to make me uncomfortable.
   I'll probably vote NDP. Probably. But I know I wish the Liberals were a party I could vote for.

 _1. That was a tough one for me -being against forcing someone to vote for something I believe in; but the practice of forcing someone to vote a certain way is too open to abuse._
  #politics #election #feel_guilty_talking_politics_on_social_media  
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