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Jay Diamond

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I created a group for spiritually evolving women moving to less stress, more love & living sacred.

It's a mastermind group so like-minded women can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other's wins! Let's help each other lean into love and away from stress. You can invite other women to join, and there will eventually be an email sign up thingy for the group>>> 

#women   #spirituality   #meditation   #love   #business   #solopreneur   #stress   #sisterhood   #feminine   #divinefeminine   #sacred   #selfcare   #motivation  
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got work to do? need focus? lets get to it
Hi guys, there are a few co working sessions i have been joining that i've found incredibly useful. We work for 50 mins on our own stuff wherever we are then the last ten mins have a 10 min break/chat on google hangout about where we're up to what we're doing next. 
The accountability really helps you focus, so whether you have a work project, piece of art, email box to clear come. There will be 3 b2b sessions and you can do 1 or 3 :)

jay x
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