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Jay Deragon

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The reason companies exist is to help people… helping people help themselves and others solve problems or create more value takes a crowd… Your business exist to help the crowd by serving all of them, not just some of them.
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Jay Deragon

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We’ve witnessed disruption in many markets because of the introduction and consumer adoption of technology that changed the game for the older players.The next stage of disruption will come when consumers get smarter and simply walk away from the “engagement games” that steal their time and money.
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So easy to relate to!

Ever been to a holiday destination where the beach vendors make your holiday miserable? One after the next they push their wares into your face and when you politely say "no thanks" a mirage of counter arguments occur. It's unpleasant and rarely results in sales. Don't do the same online.

Great conclusion, Jay.

"Creating interest in your brand is the result of giving them better than expected service prior to, during and after the sale. Sometimes the better than expected and social thing to do is to simply leave the customer alone and let them decide when to engage."
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Jay Deragon

Strategy / Leadership / Stakeholders  - 
The real disruptive innovation comes not from the technology rather from what is being learned and the rate of new discovery being achieved by users.
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Jay Deragon

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Nothing is more important to the future of your organizations survival than thinking about, or getting help thinking about, what innovation could you create that would change the behavior of your market.
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Jay Deragon

Strategy / Leadership / Stakeholders  - 
Finding new things can be difficult if not impossible because it is not predictable, tangible or certain but it is a requirement to be a market leader. It is also extremely difficult to do using the same mental models that framed the ways and things you’ve always produced and done for the same customers year after year.
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Jay Deragon

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To not leverage all the pillars all at once is foolish thinking and a guarantee of poor results.  Choose wisely.
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Jay Deragon

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Since the markets are still influenced by old business models everyone is trying to fit “all things social” into those old business models. The “social” gurus suggest that the common mistake people make when pitching social media to senior management is:
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Jay Deragon

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Meyerson said that this year’s ideas are based on the fact that everything will learn. Machines will learn about us, reason, and engage in a much more natural and personalized way. IBM can already figure out your personality by deciphering 200 of your tweets, and its capability to read your wishes will only get better.
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Thank you for sharing this..
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Jay Deragon

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The race for creative products and services will continue to accelerate in 2014. Businesses, large and small, are coming to the race with different processes and mental models for exploring, discovering, evaluating and implementing innovative ideas.  Some simply copy the mental models others have used while others have chosen to innovate innovation by nurturing the sources of innovation and enabling creativity to find its own model
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Jay Deragon

Strategy / Leadership / Stakeholders  - 
You may think your business is defined by the beliefs and actions initiated from the inside out but the reality is your organization is defined by how it identifies with its stakeholders. The difference between the two is words vs. actions.
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Very interesting post.. thank you for sharing this information.. 
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Attempt something impossible and new possibilities will emerge
Jay Deragon - is a NextGen digital strategist, recognized author and public speaker based in Nashville, TN. 

He has built and sold numerous businesses including web based offerings, a mobile technology platform and a management consulting firm. He has worked with Fortune 500 firms over the last 25 years and knows what it takes to make business meaningful and engaging.

He's provided a variety of strategic digital services to help organizations develop new product strategies, enter new markets, defend against competitors and improve revenues. His blog is ranked by Advertising Age within the top 150 digital authorities in the world.

Deragon’s renown in social technology has also earned him top management consulting assignments for companies large and small—opportunities that are quite familiar to Deragon. Prior to his focus on social technology, Deragon was a highly sought consultant who helped global and Fortune 500 companies and start up enterprises to improve performance.

Deragon attended the University of Maine, with continued studies at Darmouth College, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin. He holds an array of certifications, including Quality Engineer, Quality Function Deployment, Advanced Risk Management, Statistical Process Control, Hoshin Kanri, D.I.S.C Instructor, Organizational Change Management and Strategic Planning.

Today, Deragon runs his global network from Nashville, Tennessee, where he resides with his most important social network: his wife and children.
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Father of four, Grandfather of two, Husband of One
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