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Anyone familiar with Linux. I'm a complete n00b and want to learn. Using Ubuntu 11.04 and can't get my network card working.

The card I'm using is: Linksys WMP54GX4.
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Thanks for the info. I'm away from my computer. Ill try this later tonight and report back.
Try LinuxMint. Its my preferred distro. It tends to be simpler and more user friendly while also allowing you to get started in linux, Its completely based off ubuntu to so its really up to you
Well first off, your not using VM are you? or any other kind of Emulator to run Linux. Just to be clear, you have an actual Pc then boots up with Linux? Emulators have trouble with wireless cards.
Yeah, I'm not using an emulator. Ubuntu doesn't seem to even detect the card is there.
he already answered he wasnt using VM or another Emulator.I know that the Linux kernels are generally behind in the wireless game, especially 802.11g devices. Simply put, i think its simply not compatible with linux. Most Netgears seem to work for an odd reason.
Lol so. I accidently clicked the X while browsing G+ on my phone. Ill repost the link when I get home from work
Uninstall Ubuntu 11.04 and install 10.10. 11.04 is utter shite (not just the Unity interface, the actual inner-workings).

Also, what chipsets are those wired/wireless cards? Post the output of 'dmesg', 'lspci', and 'iwconfig'/'ifconfig' commands.
I'll switch to 10.10 when I get home and then I'll give this a try.
If nothing works, get a better card, something that has an Atheros, Broadcoms, Intel, or Prism chipsets. I had one of those Linksys cards and the fucking thing wouldn't even work on my mac.
T Yna
Ubuntu is awesome!
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