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Jay DeBe
I'm 1 in 5 Billion
I'm 1 in 5 Billion
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Some fun flying down Skyline @ Snow Show MTB Park.

Straightening up around G+ since iGoogle is leaving us soon...

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41 miles

I wonder how many folks have tied their phone numbers to their Google account as a "Security Measure?" I'd think a PIN might be a better choice since a phone number is easily found.

plop, plop, w/o the fizz.

Good Morning RVA.

After taking It easy for a few days, I've now gone 3 days without popage or feeling like someone is sitting on the boys. Hernia popage that is. I'm not even really feeling the "Pressure" I was all week just before it would spring forth. 

a few more hours for before a few rest days...

Here I am, where are you?
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