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Jim Butcher is coming to the Tyson's Corner Barnes & Noble at 7pm on August 1st for a book signing and talk! I'm going to try to arrive around 6:00 for seats - it will likely go until 11pm.

Anyone want to join?
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What's really funny is I saw your post because you and Fred Hicks both were listed in my 'circle' at the same time (and Fred is publisher of the Dresden RPG!)
Awesome! We're starting up a WOD Mage game soon that I think will be flavored very similar to a Dresden atmosphere. I think a few of the others in this circle (I'm not sure if they'll automatically see this) are also playing a Dresden RPG game.
Do you want to try to Dresden Files RPG system? I have the books. It is pretty sweet. I ran one on wave for a bit, but work went nuts and I had to suspend it.

And I would be totally stoked to go, have to see if I can make it.
I'd be up to it. Are you thinking on Wave?
I could probably do in person from time to time. Especially after the next month or so. Just to be clear I was hoping the play rather than GM. Always happy to be a rules consultant, but Dresden is FATE based so it is fairly rules light. I think it strikes a good balance between enough rules for clarity and flexiblity for story over crunch purposes
We're starting a World of Darkness game with a Dresden theme soon, where all mages are extremely scarce. Going to play it over skype/possibly Google+ Hangouts.
Sounds like fun. I would be interested.
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