Learning Hangout Saturday, February 2
Another HangOut On Air. 10:00 am Pacific.

Join a conversation about GOOD STUFF

Drop by 10:00-11:00 Pacific tomorrow morning. Good afternoon, good evening to all.

You’ll experience Google+ Hangouts on Air (a must-see).



We’ll start by talking about cool stuff — gadgetry, shortcuts, time savers, tips, magic, software, design, whatever. Bring a tip! Share a secret recipe. We’ll create a transcript in the chat, clean it up, and post it in the Community.

We may converse about uncool stuff — warnings about non-starters, toxic practice, evil, and cracking — and come up for some ways to deal with it.



Everyone who has signed up for membership in the Learning Community will receive an invitation slightly before 10 am. The first nine people will join me in the conversation.

You can become a member for free in a few minutes.

Anyone can listen in on YouTube both live and as a recording afterward.

It’s okay to be fashionably late or to cut out after asking a question.

Some people will drop out along the way, freeing up more front-row seats.
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