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Stephen had a point at about 29mn when he said you can always share the hangout session making it start at any particular time when you guys would have discussed something worth sharing (not that the rest of it is not but since it's a discussion there might be times when the conversation would be ... lighter, not that there is anything wrong with that ^_^).

Interesting point also, +Harold Jarche made at about 22mn basically saying : be prepared, do not listen to those who want to stick to old habits, old apps and the rest because there'll be time when what you know, what you've praticed for so long will be very handy. Incidentally  that made me think of a subject for a blog post ^_^
Hi Jay - sorry couldn't make it this week. I was interested in your conversation about Netflix - loving the House of Cards by the way.  But there was a recent story in the UK that the BBC are going to be putting programmes on their iPlayer (catch up on demand service) before they are broadcast on the main channels.  I think it is a trail at the moment, but perhaps one step nearer to the broadcasters just being providers of content, and the schedule is up to you! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-21380666
Damian: look for the original House of Cards with Ian Richardson. A sly, delightful treat.
The original House of Cards is available on Netflix as well
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