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8 Stops on the Path to a Better Blog

Convince & Convert's own +Zontee Hou and +Megan Gilbert  on the blog today: 

One of the most important things to know when it comes to a blog readership: Understand the value you provide your audience. 

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I had a great time on NPR today (+APM Marketplace show, which I LOVE)! Talked about the NYPD hashtag disaster. 

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The Twitter hashtag #MyNYPD backfired spectacularly – when the public can so easily hijack your hashtag, how do you get social media right?
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Probably the same people who run the Obamacare website.  Fail!
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Want to learn how to nurture your influencer relations?

Today, +Kristen Matthews shares everything you need to know on

Things to include in your influencer strategy: 

* Start the Relationship Off on the Right Foot
* Give Them Something Worth Sharing
* Less Restrictions Means Organic Content
* Provide Influencers with Valuable Content Assets
* Don’t Lose Momentum
* Track Relationships

+Unclaimed Baggage Center +Stuff Parents Need  #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing   #influencermarketing  
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An Innovative Approach to Outreach Marketing from a Quirky Brand

An innovative brand with a unique business model needs a creative way to market themselves. Unclaimed Baggage found a new way to engage bloggers and grow their brand, while earning their place as our outreach marketing example of the month. Read on to read about their campaign...

#socialmedia #contentmarketing #brandingstrategy   #marketing  +Kristen Matthews 
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Extremely helpful subject, thanks a lot
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Jay Baer

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To register:

New York Times best selling author Jay Baer talks Youtility with ion’s Anna Talerico. Discover what Youtility is, why it matters, and how you can improve your digital experiences by helping (not selling!) Learn how to make your marketing more valuable through Youtility. 

In this webinar you'll learn how to take your visitors through an interactive and helpful journey. Get inspired to tranform your digital experiences into enjoyable, useful, and engaging ones.

Limited seats available...Register Today.

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Free Webinar: Youtility with Jay Baer
Wed, May 7, 4:00 PM
Webinar at

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Social Media Highlights From The Boston Marathon

With the eyes of the world on the Boston Marathon this past Monday, The Boston Athletic Association leveraged #socialmedia to bring people together, while communicating important race information.

In this post +Jessica Gioglio shows you how The Boston Athletic Association was able to create a real-time social media communications hub at this year's race. 

#bostonmarathon2014   #marathon   #socialmediastrategy   #Boston   #BostonAthleticAssociation   #publicrelations  
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Jay Baer

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Be a Digital Dandelion

One of the key points from my keynote this morning at #icon14  

Yes, you need to have great content and resources on your own site and on your owned platforms. That's the stalk of the dandelion. 

But you also need your smarts and your expertise to exist in other places and other venues (like G+). Those are the seeds of the dandelion. 
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Had a great time watching you yesterday +Jay Baer. We wanted to get pic but didn't want to bother you before. :)
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I was delighted to join +Kerry O'Shea Gorgone in one of her recent podcasts:

Social Pros All-Stars: Jay Baer Talks to Marketing Smarts

Here are just a few highlights from our conversation:

1.  More than half of the Social Pro All-Stars studied writing, English, or journalism, as opposed to marketing or business

2. Social entrepreneurs tend to have a different skill set than their corporate counterparts

3. Google+ has recaptured what used to make Twitter great, and Instagram is the modern-day postcard 

#socialmedia   #podcast #Facebook   #NewYorkTimes #bestselling #author  
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Thanks, +Jay Baer! Always love having you on. :)
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3 Things Marketers Can Learn From Teenagers via +Carrie Morgan 

I came across an Inc. article by Abigail Tracy recently with a brilliant Seth Godin quote in it.

When asked how companies can become more effective at marketing, he said, “Start by understanding that no one cares about them. People care about themselves.

Anyone who tweets about a brand or favorites a brand is doing it because it is a symbol of who they are–it is a token, it is a badge.

It’s about them, it’s not about the brand.“

#socialmedia  #marketing #teens #teenager   #socialmarketing  
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Danke +Volker Schnaars CC: +Carrie Morgan 
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Have we lost the social in social media?

Outstanding summary by +Dustin W. Stout  of my keynote panel at Social Media Marketing World, featuring thoughts and strong opinions from +Jeffrey Rohrs  +Nichole Kelly +Ted Rubin 

This Social Media Marketing World keynote featured a panel that included Jay Baer, Jeff Rohrs, Nichole Kelly, and Ted Rubin. What ensued was fascinating!
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Great insights and feedback from the panel...thanks for the recap +Dustin W. Stout! Will be sharing:) 
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I'm the author of the New York Times best selling business book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype -- as well as the ebook recently released Youtility for Accountants: Why Smart Accountants Are Helping, Not Selling.

I run the very popular Convince & Convert blog and I host the weekly Social Pros podcast, which features social media managers from leading brands explaining how they succeed in social.
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