Social media and content marketing isn’t inexpensive, it’s just different expensive. Based on my estimates of true costs (not opportunity costs), a 50-person agency should expect to expend this much per month in content marketing:

Blog = $1,620
Chunky Content = $600
Social Media = $2,250
Agency Outposts & Metrics = $720

Total Cost (labor only) = $5,190/month or $62,280/year

Essentially then, a 50-person agency will be dedicating the same resources as are invested in a $42,000/year employee (with a 50% overhead factor). It’s not insignificant. However, one even semi-decent client that can be attributed to content marketing, or one good client that renews, or a couple of cross-sold services, and the agency is in the black with regard to content marketing investment.

(all the stats and formulas here)...
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