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Charles Dickens wrote every novel in serial format. Somewhere, we got out of that habit, and started to embrace the "mother of all" approach for content. It's time to swing the pendulum the other way.

Atomizing your content, and deconstructing it into smaller pieces has 6 meaningful advantages. That's what I wrote about this weekend.
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+Jay Baer I'm 100% on board with this... Teach me one step at a time... Entertain me with one story at a time...

This concept though I haven't written anything about it is why I decided to write my new book one post at a time on Google+... Build, Build, Build... One small powerful thought at a time.
Actually built a short story we are just finishing the edits on now. Reading this before we continue to production. FYI +Margie D Casados ...
_ Face it, Johnny Don’t Read. _ LOL
One last thought +Jay Baer... Us IM guys have been doing this with autoresponders since 1999 and also with Product Launch formula since 2005. Great article reminding me of how we have gotten away from this in the last few years in my marketing and writing.
You're right Chris. We had it, and we forgot it. 
Just read the Dickens link, can't stop thinking about this now, especially as I am about to test the waters with my first fiction.
Alexander Dumas also wrote The Three Musketeers as a serial. Now we prefer our television in series.

Can't help but feel there's still a place for agile production of literature.
+Stephen Ellis Look at how first The Sopranos and then Nip Tuck changed TV shows. Good point you made above.
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