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Here's a sneak peek of the all-new Convince & Convert, coming soon.

In this blog post, I talk about why we're redesigning, specific metrics and behaviors we're looking to impact, our editorial calendar, and how I blog. (+Mitch Joel challenged me and some other bloggers to talk about our process)

I hope this post is interesting and illustrative, as it's as honest and open as I can be about our process and metrics.
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Looks great, I like how you've made the email signup stand out.
LOVE Studiopress. Nice choice, great looking design.
Interesting to see the process and result, thanks.
In process of redesigning -- blog has been around since 2007... currently out of box Woo Theme... thanks to foucs on high quality content, it's been recommended by major publications like the NY Times. It's definitely time for a BIG boy design focused on the actions that we want our visitors to take. Your post could not have better timing... we are looking at customizing the Studiopress Magazine child theme... Thank you for stepping up to +Mitch Joel 's challenge - this is sooo helpful!!
I love that you are talking about this process. It's eye opening for so many marketers who don't currently see the big picture of how it all works.
I'm so happy that you're joining the "How I Blog" crowd. I've been having fun reading the posts and discovering how different everybody's process is.
Love it, Jay! Much cleaner and more logical and engaging design. Who is your designer(s)?
Love it +Jay Baer ! You're a gem that you share so openly. I am planning to do the same as we are reorganizing & relaunching our agency. Can't wait to dig in and read your post. :)
Thank you for sharing +Jay Baer I am currently knee deep in the planning stages for a blog launch and truly appreciate a blueprint post.
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