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I found this awesome little envelope in this outdoor fireplace I bought recently. It delighted me so much, I wrote a post about it and the importance of offline Talk Triggers to get social media rolling.

Are you worthy of social chatter?
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I got the same type of thing with the Bose headphones! With its own little pouch sewn into the carrying case.
Greetings Jay from rural Australia. Having started my business long before social media was a twinkle in anyone's eye, I had to rely on these offline 'talk triggers' to build my business up from a cottage industry into a global customer base. I still don't truly embrace social media and still rely on my offline triggers, because that's my comfort zone. I receive emails from customers on a daily basis that are so positive, they make my day. And almost none make their way onto anyone's Facebook, Google+ or Twitter page. But they're the basis of all of my unsolicited testimonials on my website that prospects remark on. Everyone should have a 'Blue Rooster' envelope in their marketing mix. Do love your posts. Best wishes ~Carol ❤
Great job Carol. Think about using those emails from customers as blog posts!
I've registered a URL, Jay, called And will start posting videos and podcasts to it. I'm going to use the emails as 'triggers' for the videos. The podcasts will be my enduring story about how I became 'The Ironing Board Cover Lady'. It's already on a blog. But people have asked for it to be recorded. I can't tell you how excited I was that wasn't snapped up by every Carol Jones on the internet. It's almost impossible for me to ever score Carol Jones as a username, so to get a URL in my name is definitely the icing on the cake. Watch out Google! I'll be everywhere!! Lovely to chat with you, Jay. Best wishes ~Carol ❤
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