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Today on Convince & Convert, I wrote about how to effectively argue internally for more social media and content marketing resources.

You gotta show them the money!
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Yep, It is all about ROI. But that is hard to show on SM sometimes.
You talked about showing the money but provided no means of actually doing so. I think people need direction in that end. # of likes, follows don't mean anything except when you connect them and compare them with traditional 'marketing' campaign KPIs.

One cannot really execute on social media in a half-assed manner either. Specially if they are the lone ranger. ;)
Jay - you always say it so eloquently - and so smartly - thank you!
+Randy Hlavac I concur. The first problem is that many companies aren't even thinking about social from a financial return perspective (yet). +Bilal Jaffery I linked in the post to a presentation all about social metrics and ROI calculation. I've also written about 20 other posts on that topic, and most of a book about it. +Denise Butchko thanks. I appreciate that. Helps when your Mom is an English teacher!
Well written Jay. A very good view into how executives see the overall mission of a business and how they would decide to allocate funds for social media.
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