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Social Media Strategy Consultant and Social Media Keynote Speaker
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New York Times best selling author, keynote speaker and business strategist.

Greetings. I'm 
Jay Baer. I'm a renowned business strategistkeynote speaker and the New York Times best-selling author of four books who travels the world helping businesspeople get and keep more customers.

I've advised with more than 700 companies since 1994, including Caterpillar, Nike, Allstate, and 31 of the FORTUNE 500.

I'm the founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm that helps prominent companies gain and keep more customers through the smart intersection of technology, social media, and customer service.

My Convince & Convert Media division owns the world's #1 content marketing blog, multiple podcasts, and many other education resources for business owners and executives.

I'm the creator of five multi-million dollar companies, am also an active venture capitalist and technology advisor, as well as an avid tequila collector.

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New York Times best selling author. Able to leap enormous tequila bottles in a single bound.
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What the Best Bloggers Do Right
by +Pratik Dholakiya 

Last time I checked, 3.75 million blog posts were written today.

Now how many of those were read today?

Your guess is as good as mine. A very teeny tiny minority, if you choose to rely on the most basic 80–20 Pareto’s Principle.

But have you noticed the number of views, shares, and comments when the post is written by people like Seth Godin? Or Neil Patel? Or Arianna Huffington?

So what are the qualities or distinct characteristics that mark these super bloggers, setting them on a plane higher than us lesser mortals?

I am inclined to think that entry to this rarefied region is free, as long as you get these three steps just right. Read on.

#blogging   #blogstrategies   #bloggers   #bestblogs  
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Does Your Website Pass the #Google #Mobile Test?

#Mobilegeddon ~ also known as April 21st ~ is the day #Google changed their algorithm to PUNISH websites for not being mobile-friendly. 

See if your site is mobile friendly NOW and head to-->

#mobilefriendly   #mobilefriendly   #mobileapps  
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Wow, I wouldn't say PUNISH at all.

Google's job is to deliver the best results to the person doing the searching. And if your website makes it unduly difficult for the searcher to get the answers they're seeking, when searching from a mobile device, then that's your problem.

Google, doing what's best for the searcher, is placing the user experience first and foremost.

Brand queries are not affected, so if someone is searching specifically for you, they'll still find you. But other than that, the rest is on the business to do right by the end-user.
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Jay Baer

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Is Technology Going From Useful to Scary

This was an exciting episode of Jay Today to record, as it chronicles the initial trial run with my brand new Echo.

It’s a new consumer product from Amazon at a price point of $99 (note: now $149).

It plugs into the wall and connects to your Wi-Fi. Essentially, it’s like Siri, but better because you don’t have to have your #phone with you, it works strictly with voice controls, and it also plays #music, the #radio and #podcasts on a surprisingly decent speaker.

You can also ask it to place items on your shopping list like “get toilet paper.” For now, you cannot conduct commerce through the Echo, but that’s assuredly where Amazon is headed.

(watch video below for my demo, including the question “Who is Seth Godin?”)
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robots are the illegal immigrants of the future
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Jay Baer

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Says +Jon Steiert of +Pet360  ~ My guest on this week's Social Pros ‪#‎Podcast‬: 

"I love to listen to things in general (it's one of the best ways I learn - audiobooks, podcasts, keynote mp4s, etc) so I find this quote to be a solid summation of how I try to carry myself professionally. I still and will always have a lot to learn so I'll continue to listen!"

Seems to be true across many areas in life! Listen:
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Mighty welcome +Jon Steiert. Great having you on the show! 
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4 Marketing Lessons From the Creator Movement
by +Nick Robinson 

The creators movement is taking (or has taken) off!

In this post Nick Robinson shares how you can empower the principles: Authenticity, Earned Trust, Network Economics, and Community First.

#photography  #video #canva #snapchat #youtube  #vessel #contentmarketing  
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Nice one!
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Facebook has surpassed YouTube in video uploads, and for good reason. These videos get viewed and shared like crazy. Check out these four tips to help you surpass your sharing goals. #facebook   #videomarketing
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And yet we don't learn as marketers and tell the general business community to stick their finger in the venus fly trap...
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How to Bring Humor to Community Management

Community managers have a challenging job.

They’re on the front lines of your social media and digital channels each and every day as the voice of the company. Tasked with driving engagement while ensuring fans have a good experience with your company, they see it all—the good, the bad, the ugly.

In this post +Jessica Gioglio brings some humorous examples of how +IKEA USA is mixing up their social landscape!
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Thanks +Dustin W. Stout!
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Jay Baer

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How to Market with Mom Bloggers

#Moms have the most spending power out of every vertical of #consumers.

Lately, brands of every genre are teaming up with mom bloggers and reporting some really awesome brand lift and campaign results.

Read on as +Kristen Matthews shares some great insights on how to get in front of #mommy #bloggers! 
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I thought you might want to check this out to see if it is something you would like to share with other publicists.
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Hope you'll find our latest +SlideShare helpful. It poises the argument regarding why it's important to OWN and not RENT your social community. 

Please take a moment to like and share it with your socially-minded friends. THX!

#socialmedia   #contentmarketing   #socialcommunity  
You can spend your time and money on leased social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or Pinterest...and many companies are doing just that. But, those communities do not offer a reliable way to communicate with your customers and fans WHEN and HOW you want to. That's why smart companies are swinging the pendulum back to the "original" social media...back to owned social communities. More control, more engagement, more reliab...
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Maximize Your Content Creation Commitment

On the +Convince & Convert blog today with +Dorie Clark who also has a NEW book debuting today. Pick it up on Amazon at

As she describes in her new book Stand Out, there is a solution to leverage your investment in content creation.

Even BEFORE you put the metaphorical pen to paper, think through your plan for content dissemination.

As social media strategist +Gary Vaynerchuk told Dorie, “It’s not good enough to just produce long-form content; you have to put out microcontent to drive awareness to it.”
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Totally agree with +Dorie Clark

For every major piece of content we publish, we produce a 3-5 minute video that focuses on a key point from the article and drives traffic to it for "more information."
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On SocialPros #Podcast  this week: 

How Big Brands Get Permission to Use UGC

+Jon Steiert, #SocialMedia Manager & PR Specialist at +Pet360, Inc., joins the Social Pros #Podcast this week to discuss social as a way to improve the #customer experience, the value of listening on social, and the scalability of user-generated content. 

#UGC #contentmarketing #pets #petlove 
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Media Buying Software Companies, Is This A Thing? - Jay Today 

Are media companies getting into the marketing software business? 



Today's Sprout Social shout out goes to Frank Eliason, who is a genius about how customers can interact with businesses and vice versa in this modern age. Follow Frank at and pick up his book on Amazon:


Candidio (, a simple and affordable video production company. Follow @candidio on Twitter. 

Sprout Social (, a social media management and analytics company that Jay uses for much of his social media every day. Follow @sproutsocial on Twitter.


Jay Today is a video podcast with 3-minute lessons and commentary on business, social media and digital marketing from New York Times best-selling author and venture capitalist Jay Baer. Join Jay daily for insights on trends, quick tips, observations and inspiration at

Check out the first ever search engine for marketing podcasts:

Overwhelmed by the daily flood of social media news and happenings? Join 20,000 others and subscribe to Convince & Convert's newsletter:

Find More Jay:
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Does social media work for ecommerce? New research from Monetate says no, but Jay Baer says there may be a catch...


Music producer.

Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype

Special pre-order offer on Jay Baer's new book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype

Podcast Review: Social Pros with Jay Baer and Eric Boggs

Podcast Review of Social Pros Podcast, featuring “Real People doing Real Work in Social Media" with Jay Baer and Eric Boggs

Social Pros Podcast

THE NOW REVOLUTION. Read The NOW Revolution, the best-selling book on social business from Jay Baer and Amber Naslund. Every customer is a r

Fantastic show. Jason is one of the best interviewers out there in the business. Top notch!
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top notch care from a fantastic team. super organized, too. appointments are on time, always. Dr. Sutor is simply the best dentist I've ever had.
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