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Here's what really grinds my gears about marketing today

(Yes, it's Peter Griffin time)

Everyone in the industry loves to tell you that the key and the approach to modern marketing is to create great content. Then they spend weeks of their lives helping you understand how to come up with a content strategy, a distribution plan, a way to measure ROI, a list of tools you need, and so on.

What's missing? 

CREATING the content

Who is equipped to create amazing, audience-building, business-growing content day in and day out? Yes, there are many people in this world who can do so, but are we talking to each other? Teaching each other? Helping those who don't possess those skills? Helping push each other to improve?

If you think about it, content marketing boils down to four general stages: planning, production, distribution, and measurement. Every activity we can perform can fit into one of those buckets. And there are resources and tools out the arse to help you with the first, the third, and the fourth stage.

In an era where content marketing is maturing -- when you can't be first because others already were, and you can't be loud and churn-and-burn, because that doesn't work -- we need to be better about production.

We need to master the craft of content creators.

If you agree, check out the article below, or sign up for The Daily Content at (1 example + 1 lesson to help marketers master the craft of creating content).

Cheers to a brighter future--scratch that, PRESENT--for marketing. 
I'm excited to invite you to my new project aimed at helping marketers master the craft of content creation: The Daily Content Newsletter! Get Daily Examples of Great Content >>*        *        * What's This All About? There are tons of resources available to help us content marketers improve our abilities to plan, promote, and measure content ... but what about CREATE content? Over the past 6 months, I've been chatting with and...
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How to Buy Twitter Followers -- a totally serious flowchart
As a modern content marketer, it's important to understand each and every channel available today in order to game and cheat that system to death. (Also, don't forget to then abuse the crap out of a channel once you've successfully gamed it. It'll stop working for you eventually, but until then, WHEEEEEEE!!!!) Today, we're talking about Twitter, the latest new fad of 2015. Should you use it for your marketing? Who knows! A keyword...
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If you're at all interested in startups and entrepreneurship, especially the early stages of launching and gaining traction, definitely check out NextView's blog, The View From Seed. We're publishing 2x per week in 2015, including all kinds of free resources. Subscribe at or visit (I run/edit/write for this blog -- it is my digital baby. It keeps me up at night only slightly less than a real one...)
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Here's a twist on the usual approach to hiring content marketers. The project assignment at the end is designed to help you vet candidates much better.

I recently wrote a story about how I almost didn't hire the best writer I've ever hired. If I'm being honest, I came close to screwing it up entirely, and the article was my attempt at telling others how to avoid similar mistakes. Based on feedback I received from the post, I wanted to explore two concepts a bit more specifically today: reviewing candidates and assigning them projects as part of the vetting process. In my post on my ...
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Why is the marketing industry always debating what to call our niche? Is it inbound marketing? Content marketing? Who knows? More importantly...who cares!
Someday in my career, I hope to work my way up to the top of my field, whether as an executive, a founder, or a trusted leader with valuable insights into the business world around me. But I’m not there yet. So while I can’t suppose to know what goes through the mind of a CMO or one of those Twitter-famous people, I can with certainty  speak to what it’s like to practice marketing in the trenches. I’ve been there. I am there. And I...
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Jay Acunzo

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Introducing the Daily Content Inspiration email for content marketers

First and only time I'll post/shill this, but I'm running a small daily newsletter for people interested in the craft of creating content online (particularly if you do so in a business or for client businesses) -- blogging, podcasting, design, video, slideshares, and more. Not the marketing component -- the actual production work. 

My goal is for this to be incredibly useful w/o requiring much time to consume, so I send 1 piece plus 1 lesson you can learn from the content.

Sign up here: 

Example shown here:
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A great post fraught with meaning for entrepreneurs.

This is one of my favorite blog posts on which I've ever worked, however loosely. If you're not in the startup world, you should know that this is an industry that promotes hyperbole and selling the dream. And while founders need to sell the vision all the time, there is a darker side created if/when someone doesn't speak up during tough times.

In Tech Startup Land, everyone claims they're doing great all the time. In reality, lots of entrepreneurs go through their struggles, whether professionally or personally, but they feel so against voicing it since "everyone is killing it" that they further compound their issues. (It's an extreme example, but a not uncommon one, to hear about a founder struggling with depression and/or anxiety.)

Such a major hat-tip goes to my colleague Lee Hower for his willingness to be this honest in an era that needs exactly that.
Tech startup culture has caused tons of hyperbole, but not every startup is killing it. VC Lee Hower offers some tips for communicating tough times.
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Jay Acunzo

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Visit a startup’s website, and you’ll eventually drift towards a few standard links, from About to Team to Contact. But among those options, appearing on almost every site, is one link that simply doesn’t belong with the rest: “Blog.”

Don’t misunderstand, it’s not the fact that a startup’s blog exists that’s so troubling. Instead, it’s why it usually exists and why it gets lumped together with all those other basic navigation links — namely, because many startups launch blogs simply because they’re “supposed to.” As a result, most sit idly, gathering digital dust, perhaps getting the occasional company news article, but never gaining any traffic and never becoming what blogs really should be for startups: critical marketing assets.

So the question needs to be asked: Should seed-stage startups even blog in the first place?
Startups often launch blogs without rhyme or reason. Here is the only rhyme and reason you need to succeed.
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TechItFwd Episode 3 just launched!  Moving, emotional story about Innercity the CEO of Wistia talks about how they've marketed themselves to build a mini-empire. #nonprofit   #startup   #marketing   #podcasting  
Tech It Fwd Ep 3 - Stories That Spread (Jon Feinman, Innercity Weightlifting & Chris Savage, Wistia)
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Jay Acunzo

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So excited to launch the Hitchhiker's Guide to Boston Tech Startups! Everything you need to navigate the local tech startup scene.  Check it out here> 
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Slide from my upcoming talk at #CMWorld  with +Content Marketing Institute. Hope you can make it! Wed at 11:30 (details on the talk are here> )

#contentmarketing   #houseofcards   #kevinspacey  
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I'd rather make stuff people want than make people want stuff. To me, that's why I love content marketing.

I'm a firm believer in being thoughtful and quality about content marketing. Marketers need to pause long enough to realize that content is about resonating with people, not just "reaching" them. Doing so will in turn get you more audience and more customers.


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