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Nerds rule! Not geeks, but NERDS!!!
Nerds rule! Not geeks, but NERDS!!!

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So, yeah. This is basically a Google Home with a battery. It's much bulkier, but it does wifi, bluetooth AND Google Assistant. So now it's hanging out with me on my deck while I grill! Oh, and it's cheaper than Google Home too!

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Interesting stuff for curious minds

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Easily one of the best couple of hours of Trek I have ever watched +Keith Wilson

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Marathoned all four hours in a row with the girl on Saturday. IT WAS AMAZING! I don't even watch Arrow, but Oliver's line when talking to Felicity about getting married, "I am literally incapable of talking about anything else right now" HYSTERICAL. The dialog was so fast and so good all the way through. Supergirl to Overgirl, "Care to step outside?" It was four hours of fan-fest!

I am even willing to concede that Green Arrow is no longer a low-rent Batman. He's come into his own; not quite the Cheery Green Arrow that shoots boxing glove arrows, but far evolved from the brooding Dark Knight. Such an amazing four hours. Still on the fainting couch
I have skipped Justice League because the DCEU is such a mess and unlikeable compared to the tv dc verse (except arrow cause olicity killed that show in season three).
Nobody forced DC to rush into justice league without fully establishing the heroes before assembling. For less than a tenth of the budget Crisis on Earth X was an enjoyable two night crossover event until Felicity ruins the wedding.

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this is pretty fantastic. Netflix as audiobooks

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After once again deciding that I do not like Amazon's business practices (read articles on how they treat their employees, and how they categorically exclude Google and Apple products from their lineup, etc), I am going to drop my Prime membership, this time with a better backup plan. for electronics, music and movies (free shipping on just about everything), and for everything else. First orders are already complete and you know what? The prices were competitive and the web experience was solid. Sure I won't get the items for several days, unlike Prime's 2-day shipping, but I am ok with that.

For the Prime video original programming, I will wait for the blu-ray and buy it from The only money Bezos is getting from me is via my Washingtop Post subscription.

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Best network show I have seen in a while. It's like Burn Notice with mutants.

A note on smart devices and music volume. Google and Sonos are both NOT HELPING in this area.

First company called to the carpet is Sonos. So here I am listening to Run The Jewels on my den Sonos speakers at volume: ludicous. Cause it's 11am and the family is gone and why not? Later that evening, I turn on the den TV to watch something or set some mood music and the speakers are still at volume: ludicrous! I realize that I am the one who did this originally, but that's why these are SMART speakers and I paid smart speaker money! Sonos, please reset my volume on all speakers after an hour or so of non-use to a reasonable level. Or create a setting where I can specify my preference.

And Google, you have no excuse cause this has nothing to do with anything I did an hour ago. Starting a Chromecast or Chromecast Audio at FULL VOLUME, any time and any where? Why do you still do this? Start the volume at 50%, PLEASE. Just do it. No one likes the 100% volume thing. I promise you.

That is all.

The Flash is great again. That is all
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