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More screenshots leaked about WhatsApp sharing your account information with Facebook.

Again, open a terminal and...
> su
> am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.TosUpdateDetailsActivity

WhatsApp 2.12.413
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ML Manager 2.4 is available on Google Play Store. Enjoy!

• Added support for App Shortcuts. Press and hold the ML Manager icon to show the shortcut menu. Available for Android 7.1 or higher.
• Some UI improvements.
• Bug fixes.
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A major release of Following for Android is coming later this summer. Hi Following 2.0!
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Should I buy a Nexus 5X for ~275€? Best deal on Amazon Spain so far.
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Buy it now definitely
Wait for a better deal

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Is anyone available to review the English translations of ML Manager? It will take less than 5 minutes. Thank you!

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Check out the latest update of ML Manager, available today on Google Play.

Some feedback:
• Duncan Pringle - This app stands alongside Nova/Nova Prime, Zooper, Titanium Backup Pro, SwiftKey and MixPlorer as one of the only apps I find to be truly essential. Intuitively designed, super useful and truly gorgeous.
• - With a combination of basic, essential features and a Material-inspired user interface, the app is definitely something to look out for.

There is something that I need to say. Over the past weeks I've been seeing many pack icons showing a "beta" or "alpha" stage in the product name, and actually I can't understand why.

Beta, Alpha, Pre-Alpha... has a meaning, that has nothing to do with an icon pack that has started with just a few icons. Here you are the meaning of a Beta software:

"Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs. Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, as well as speed/performance issues and may still cause crashes or data loss"

So, why most icon packs are showing "Beta" in the product name when they are using a dashboard ready for production (IconShowcase, Polar Dashboard, etc)?

I had to say this, because showing "Beta" in your Icon Pack doesn't mean that it has few icons. It means that your software is not ready for production and it contains bugs. Perhaps the right word for this cases is Preview (because you are showing a small part of the final product, right?).

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I have been selected as a finalist to review the new OnePlus 3 (OnePlus Labs). Only the top 30 will win and, as an Android developer, would be awesome to have the OP3. Could you vote for me? Thank you all!

BTW, the "Vote" button is located at the bottom of the profile description.

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I've published a new Android library that prevents your app from being pirated / cracked using Google Play Licensing (LVL), APK signature protection and more. The library helps protect your app's users and attempt to thwart reverse engineers and attackers.

It's in an early stage. Any contribution, PR, suggestion, etc, would be awesome!

BTW, I'm sorry for the big pic of my face on the GitHub link ¯\(ツ)

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I had to do it.
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