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I've created a patreon account just for this
Want to help +PulseAudio development but don't know how? Why not support Tanu's Patreon campaign?

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I've launched two small fundraisings. One for gspell, to improve the spell-checking in GNOME, the other for LaTeXila (a LaTeX editor).

Thanks for your support!

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It's going to be awesome!!
Planning next year's summer holidays already? Make sure to plan for Manchester, UK for next year's GUADEC!

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On my way to #guadec !! Excited to come back after missing last years one  #gnome

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Hope to see you all there!!
GUADEC is the main conference for GNOME users, developers, foundation leaders, individuals, governments and businesses worldwide. GUADEC is not just a software conference though! People come together to meet collaborators from chat rooms and mailing lists, to network, to visit old friends and make new ones, and to have fun.

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+Eclipse Flatpak
Flatpak by +Alexander Larsson is officially released:

The first application I thought about that I wanted as a flatpak was Eclipse. Why?
1. The distributions tend to break it up in 187 small pieces, and you always need around 131 of them, but you don't know which ones... so I always give up on using that. So I end up downloading a tar.gz from And that works, but I then have to create desktop launches and stuff to make it integrate in to my desktop. So having a package that just works, would be great here.
2. It is a huge beast of software, so it would feel great to have it sandboxed.

So, I basically took the tar.gz from and repackaged that in to a flatpak. It is sandboxed to only have access to ~/workspace, ~/.m2 and ~/.eclipse in your home directory. It have network access and read only access to /etc/hosts, and it also have access to some system bus.
The flatpak is based on Eclipse Neon RC3 for Java developers. I use RC3 since the final release would crash on startup. So if someone can get that to work, let me know!

The resulting flatpak kan be downloaded from google drive:

And the script I used to create it is found here:

Some installation instructions (basically from
First we need the gnome 3.20 runtime which I used as a base
flatpak remote-add --user --gpg-import=gnome-sdk.gpg gnome
flatpak install --user gnome org.gnome.Platform 3.20

Then you can install the bundle using the command:
flatpak install --user --bundle eclipse-neon-rc3.flatpak

And to run it you click on the application launcher in the desktop environment UI, or by the command:
flatpak run org.eclipse.Eclipse

have fun!

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flatpak in Debian as well!
New blog post: xdg-app renamed to #Flatpak, now available in #Debian experimental
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