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Ahora es el momento de comprender todas las características de Google+.

To "+1" or not to "+1", that is the question.

The "Send feedback" option in Google+ seems to be designed to report "problems" only. What about "recommendations", "feature requests", etc? ;)

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Hmm... first try for video conferencing through Google+ did not work because of a "network problem".

Is there a "hashtag" kind of metadata, keyword, reserved word, etc., that we can use to report Google+'s "bugs"? Is there such a mechanism implemented within Google+?

i.e. +Bug! The feature .... is not working right because .....

Interesting... I switched Google+'s default language to English (with a very dark workaround), but, when I'm about to write on my Stream, the "my circles" box shows the text "Tus círculos" ("Your circles", in spanish) and next to it, the option "+Add more people". WT...? Does Google supports now two languages at the same time? ;)
Nah... just another bug....
PS: Once I remove the "my circles" button, and I select the "Public" circle, it shows up right, in English.

Ok, where do I change Google+'s language? Everything is in spanish, even though my Google Docs shows up in english...
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