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Just finished applying for this cool opportunity!

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Flashback: A glimpse of a beautiful mosque I visited in Malaysia

#kualalumpur   #putrajaya   #malaysia   #mosque  
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I love Penang!

"All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don't. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity." - Robert Kennedy 

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The importance of teachers is one thing too overlooked. They are the people that build nations; no one is born just knowing but everyone has to learn and be taught. I am so grateful for all the hard-working, great teachers in the world, anyone can't be a teacher it takes a special kind of person to be a great teacher and really impact the lives of others. I salute all the incredible teachers I know and don't know on this World Teacher's Day!

PS: Increase teachers pay! The teaching professions are as prominent as medical professions!

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I think this is an incredible message:

The Making of the Achiever by Allan Cox :

"Washington Irving once wrote, ‘Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.’ His insight leads to the realization that without expectancy we lack purpose. Achievers, in particular, exhibit this attitude of expectancy. This shows itself most forcefully in the way they minimize their losses. They did not grieve over failures or what might have been. Rather, the achiever looks around the corner in anticipation of good things that await him. All he has to do, he believes, is show the determination to get there.

He rejects the notion of ‘can’t,’ and, as a result, he is able to open more doors than others, strike better deals, and attract more energetic and resourceful people to work with him. He sets higher standards and gets others to help him meet them. He wins confidence and nurtures vitality in others. He expects to succeed when, combined with desire, expectancy produces hope. And hope makes all things possible. Living the expectant life is simply a good act of judgment."

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I love you Beyonce
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